Avoiding The Need For Emergency Dental Treatment This Christmas

A few tips from our Clapham Junction dentists to help keep your teeth healthy.

With less than a week to go until the start of the Christmas holidays, all of us are, of course, hoping for a wonderful and trouble free times with our family and friends.

As dentists though, we are all too aware that dental issues do not take a holiday and toothache and similar issues are as likely to strike on Christmas day as any other day of the year.

The following are just a few suggestions that we hope will help patients of the Confidental Clinic, your local Clapham dentist, avoid the need for emergency dental treatment over the festive period.

Get problems checked now

Although there are only a few days to go before the holidays, if you have, for example, broken a part of your tooth off and are hoping that it will be OK until after the holidays, then please don’t. Although this is a busy time of the year for any dental practice, we will always do all that we can to see a patient who needs urgent treatment. Simply keeping your fingers crossed could lead to a very uncomfortable time over the holidays indeed!

Alcohol awareness

Whilst many people do like to have a drink at Christmas, it is important to be aware of the risks associated with it. Whilst gum disease is more likely to occur when you drink, largely due to a dry mouth and lack of saliva to flush the bacteria away, a more immediate concern is the amount of accidents that tend to happen when too much alcohol has been drunk. Whether this be a fall or a result of simply ‘fooling around’  a blow to the teeth can result in breakage and a significant amount of pain. Being conscious of how much you have drunk and being sensible in your approach, will hopefully help to avoid accidents, and, of course, help to reduce those hangovers too!

Go nuts

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Oral Cancer – Another Good Reason To Stop Smoking In The New Year

Our Clapham dentist advises why this is still a good New Year resolution to make.

It is widely accepted that smoking is a major contributory factor in incidence of cancer, but, whilst most people would associate this fact with lung cancer, oral cancer is also common, and smoking, as with other types of cancer, can contribute towards its development.

Tobacco contains carcinogenic chemicals that can cause damage to DNA and lead to the development of cancer. Not surprisingly the risks of developing cancer of the mouth rise amongst those who smoke tobacco. Poor diet and some other substances such as chewing tobacco and the human papilloma virus can also contribute to cancer, but so too can long standing wounds.

Because broken or jagged teeth can increase the risk of cancer by creating mouth ulcers,  it is very important that a good standard of oral hygiene is maintained. This means not only good oral health care at home but also regular appointments with our Clapham dentists and hygienists. These regular checks not only allow us to treat any damaged teeth, but also offers a chance for early detection of any potential signs of oral cancer.

Although regular appointments with a dentist are essential, you can greatly reduce the risk of oral cancer by stopping smoking. This can be a huge struggle for some but there are ways to improve your chances of  eventual success:

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Teeth Whitening – 3 Of Your Most Common Questions Answered


More people than ever are paying to have their teeth whitened, but does it hurt and is it safe? We asked the team at Confidental Clinic to provide answers to some of the most common questions that patients are asking about teeth whitening; but first of all let’s take a quick look at what the process entails and why it’s so popular.

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Brighten Up Your Smile The Smart Way

Have you ever stopped to consider just how good smiling makes you feel? It’s a great way to start your day too. However, what if your teeth are stained and yellow, do you find that you’re too embarrassed to smile for fear of others seeing?

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Dental Hygiene and why it is So Important for Your Smile


Here at Confidental, we suggest all our patients have regular appointments with our hygiene team. Our hygienists are all highly trained and work closely with our dentists to help you maintain great dental health at all times. You will also find them very easy to talk to, so please feel free to ask any questions you might have about your dental health because patient education is an important part of our practice.

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Get a Confident Straight Smile with the Confidental Clinic

confident straight smile with the confidental clinic

There is much more emphasis on having a beautifully straight smile these days and we have seen a huge increase in the number of adults seeking orthodontic treatment over the past few years. With the introduction of newer, more discreet and more cosmetically oriented braces, orthodontics is definitely no longer just for children and teenagers.

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Will Invisalign work for me?

Invisalign from £44 per month

An insight into revolutionary teeth straightening in Clapham.

Before committing to orthodontic braces you should be fully informed on who is going to provide the treatment, how will it work and what are the implications and commitments.

Choosing a provider

We recommend choosing the clinic in which you feel you have the most confidence and trust. It is very important to feel welcomed, cared for and looked after; hence you should opt for the clinic where you feel confident in the dentist, the general staff and also the environment and facilities. This way you have the best chance that your expectations and goals can be met successfully.

At Confidental Clinic in Clapham, our dentists have a great deal of Invisalign experience so they can provide a broad approach and one which will serve you well, especially for complex cases. Our staff are warm, friendly and well trained making everyone feeling welcomed and special.

How does it work, is Invisalign going to give me the smile I dreamed of?

If you cannot commit wearing the aligners for 20-22h a day then the treatment is likely to be unsuccessful.  In some way it is like training for a competition or studying for an exam; if you keep skipping classes throughout the process you won’t get the desired result and it could turn out to be a waste of time and money.

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All About Invisalign Braces

Invisalign from £44 per month

Discreet teeth straightening options in Clapham.

Not happy with your smile? Will perfect straight teeth help you build up your confidence?

Please Give Confidental Clinic a call today on 020 7801 9060  and you will find more information about the barely visible way of straightening your teeth known as Invisalign.

Invisalign is a very popular choice for teens and adults and the most revolutionary way of teeth straightening, which consists of sets of 3D custom made clear aligners.

Many of us refuse to get traditional braces because they are so obvious, involve wires and brackets, are uncomfortable and require high maintenance. At the end of the day, we don’t want an orthodontic treatment to stop us from carrying out our usual lifestyle, instead we want a brace treatment that’s compatible with our busy social and professional lives.

For those who want to have their orthodontic treatment nearly undetectable, Invisalign comes with an innovative technique.

Ideal for both adults and teenagers, Invisalign ‘braces’ straighten the teeth by using a set of custom made aligners. The aligners are made of clear plastic, the advantage over metal braces of being smooth, near invisible and comfortable to wear, allowing patients to secretly improve their smiles while they go to school, work or social events.

Every set of aligners should be worn between 20h-22h out of 24h and every 2 weeks or so you will need to change, moving on to the next set. Your teeth will be moved gently and gradually so any risk of irritation or pain is considerably reduced.


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All about modern dental implants

The “gold standard” way to replace missing teeth.

The most common questions in the mind of patients are, what are dental implants and why would I choose them?

Dental implantology is technique used to replace missing tooth. Our natural tooth consists of the visible part which is the crown and its root, which extends into the jawbone in order to support the crown. Implants are surgical components inserted into the jawbone to support a dental prosthesis and the basis on which dental implants work is known as “osseointegration”.


This is defined as the formation of a relation between an implant and bone. Bone cells will fuse themselves directly with the titanium surface, locking the implant into the jaw bone. Implant’s unique characteristics and features play a role in modulating molecular and cellular behavior. This is indeed a dynamic process and here at Confidental Clinic we use the worldwide best known implant system! Our team has over 20 years of experience and many successful cases.

The implant purposes is to replace a missing tooth or even a full arch.

Individual Tooth:-

In this method an implant made of titanium is placed into the jawbone; once integrating into the bone a crown is placed on it which acts as a natural tooth.

To be clear, mankind hasn’t yet created something to be as good as our natural tooth, hence your natural teeth will always feel slightly better than implants, however individual implants come impressively close to them.

Implant supported bridge:-

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Botox And Teeth Whitening Special Offer In Clapham

Look great for the Summer and save money too!

Whilst many patients visit our Clapham dental practice for restorative dental care, a growing number also visit us for the benefits of the aesthetic treatments which we offer. Two of the most popular of these are our teeth whitening procedure and wrinkle reduction.

The Confidental Clinic team have decided to offer both of these together at a reduced cost, saving you £100 (terms and conditions apply). Both of these procedures are fast acting and long lasting and will enable you to look your very best for the sunny Summer months ahead.

Wrinkle Reduction

Although we are well known for cosmetic dental treatments, we also offer facial aesthetics at your convenient Clapham dentists. The most popular of these is the well known Botox treatment which is a tried and tested method of reducing lines and wrinkles on the face and giving you a younger looking appearance. It is a perfectly safe procedure in the hands of trained professionals such as our facial aesthetics team.  It is a simple procedure that is usually done during a single visit to our practice.

The Botox serum is injected into the areas that need treating, via a very fine needle which does not enter deep into the flesh, but just under the surface of the skin. This is not a painful procedure though some minor discomfort may be felt. A little bruising may also be noticeable locally following the procedure but this should disappear within a few days. The results should be visible within a week or so, and smoother looking skin should last for several months afterwards.

Teeth Whitening

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