Why choose The Inman Aligner?

Fast acting orthodontics in Clapham for great results

Protruding or badly miss-aligned front teeth can often have a severe and detrimental effect on the sufferer’s levels of self-confidence, and ultimately their quality of life.

Here at Confidental Clinic in Clapham Junction, we are pleased to offer to our patients, the Inman Aligner system. This is an extremely efficient and fast way to correct crowding and protrusion of the front teeth. The removable brace can offer excellent results, with a treatment period that is often as short as just eight weeks.

Why choose the Inman Aligner?

It can be used to straighten teeth in a relatively short period-of-time. This is especially the case when compared to other types of dental brace.

  • One single device is worn from day one to the end of the treatment period, meaning fewer visits to the clinic.
  • The brace is designed so that it can be easily removed by the wearer, this means that it can be inserted and removed as required, to allow for normal eating and drinking.
  • Easy removal of the brace also allows for maintenance of your usual day-to-day oral hygiene programme.
  • The shorter treatment period means that it is a cheaper alternative to some of the invisible clear braces that are currently available.

How does it work?

The Inman Aligner is a simple removable brace, that is designed to quickly and safely straighten problem front teeth which features coil springs made from nickel-titanium. These springs power two alignment bows, that fit either side of the front teeth. These exert a gentle force on one another. While the inner bow is pushing forwards, the outer bow is exerting a backwards force on the front teeth, gradually moving the misaligned teeth into their correct position.

What is the Inman Aligner like to wear?

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Invisalign Braces – Comfortable, Discreet Orthodontics

Invisalign from £44 per month

Straight teeth without the inconvenience.

Dental braces have long been used by dentists as a method to straighten teeth. Although nowadays used by a wide age range of patients, many people would probably associate their use with childhood, or early teenage years.

It might therefore surprise some of our older patients, that here at Confidental Clinic in Clapham, we can now offer a wide range of dental braces that have been designed specifically for use by adults. To alleviate the possible social and cosmetic implications surrounding wearing braces, these have been designed to be worn as discreetly as possible.


Invisalign can provide you with a great smile, whilst at the same time being difficult to detect. They also benefit from being extremely comfortable, and easy to use; leaving you to get on with your busy life. We use an advanced 3D computer imaging technology to scan the inside of your mouth following which Invisalign then design a custom series of clear teeth aligners, built specifically for your teeth. Each aligner will be worn for up to two weeks, before being replaced by the next in the series. These will incrementally re-position your teeth, until they achieve the desired final position, giving you a great new smile!

Unlike other brace systems that try to be discreet by using tooth coloured enamelled metal, the Invisalign virtually invisible aligners are constructed from a strong medical grade thermoplastic material, that has been uniquely developed. The aligners are custom built for you, and will fit snugly, comfortably and unobtrusively over your teeth.

The benefits of using the Invisalign system.

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Restoring Whiteness To ‘Yellow’ Teeth

Our Clapham cosmetic dentists can bring back your youthful smile!

Have you ever wondered why your teeth have become a shade of yellow as you get older? Some of this may be due to consumption of tooth staining foods and drinks and smoking will of course, have stained the teeth, but even with the ‘purest’ of diets, most of us will find that our teeth appear more discoloured as we get older.

The reality is that this is due to changes inside the tooth. The softer internal tissues start to darken over time and it is this which gives our teeth their sometimes yellowish appearance.


Brushing your teeth well is essential in order to have healthy teeth, and it will also help to remove some staining too. Unfortunately, regular brushing will do nothing to lighten the inner part of your teeth. There are some toothpastes which are designed to do this however, but due to health and safety restrictions, these have limited results. Indeed, the most that we have seen such products claim to do is to whiten your teeth by “up to” three shades. Compare that to the eight shades that our custom home whitening kits can achieve and we are sure that you can deduce which will produce the better results.

Home whitening

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Smoother Skin For A Younger Look In Clapham

Roll back the signs of ageing with facial aesthetics

One of the main visible signs of ageing is when lines and wrinkles start to appear on our skin. Although this is entirely natural, it is something that most of us would like to avoid, or at least delay for some time.

Whilst lifestyles habits can help to keep our skin healthy looking for longer, for example by not smoking and staying hydrated, sooner or later, those first lines will appear.

The first thing that many people do is to reach for the various creams that are advertised. These can help, but many also simply mask the fact rather than treat it. In fact, one of the very few recognised ways of reducing facial lines and wrinkles is using facial aesthetic treatments of the type available at our Clapham dental practice.

Reducing wrinkles

At the Confidental Clinic, we help patients to have smoother skin by offering either Botox or dermal fillers. These have similar results, but are used for different problems. Botox is largely used for reducing the wrinkles on our face and it does this by relaxing the muscles that cause the wrinkles to appear. Please do not be concerned about some of the “horror” stories you  may have heard regarding this treatment; Botox provides excellent and natural results when performed by experienced practitioners such as those at our Clapham dental surgery and only tends to cause problems in the hands of the inexperienced.

Dermal fillers are used to replace the collagen which is lost as we get older. It is this which gives our skin the fullness and elasticity of our youth. Dermal fillers are often used in areas such as the lines around our eyes or lips, or to give more fullness to our lips, which often thin as we get older.

The procedure

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Replacing Uncomfortable Dentures Using Implants

full arch teeth replacement

Same day dental implants as an alternative to dentures.

We have all seen the comedy sketches or cartoons where a person sneezes and their set of dentures fly out across the room. In reality, of course, this extreme version never (presumably!) happens, but loose and uncomfortable dentures are a fact of life for many wearers.

For these people, the discomfort of sore gums and potential embarrassment in public is certainly no joke. Although many may feel that they have little option but to put up with it, a modern solution, known as an ‘all on four’ or ‘teeth in a day’ can put a stop to loose dentures once and for all.

The procedure

To replace a full arch of dentures, whether top or bottom, it is necessary to first of all place dental implants in the jawbone. Instead of replacing each individual tooth though, usually four, or occasionally five or six, dental implants are placed into the jaw. The two front dental implants are standard and are placed at the usual ninety degree angle. The rear implants are typically bespoke implants that are placed at a carefully calculated angle to provide maximum support. The system is very flexible and can often be used for patients with reduced bone density without the need for a bone graft.

Once the implants are in place; unlike regular dental implant placement, they can be used almost immediately. A fixed bridge of replacement teeth is attached to the implants and once this has been completed, the patient is able to leave our Clapham Junction dental practice with a brand new set of stable and secure replacement teeth.


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Avoiding The Need For Emergency Dental Treatment This Christmas

A few tips from our Clapham Junction dentists to help keep your teeth healthy.

With less than a week to go until the start of the Christmas holidays, all of us are, of course, hoping for a wonderful and trouble free times with our family and friends.

As dentists though, we are all too aware that dental issues do not take a holiday and toothache and similar issues are as likely to strike on Christmas day as any other day of the year.

The following are just a few suggestions that we hope will help patients of the Confidental Clinic, your local Clapham dentist, avoid the need for emergency dental treatment over the festive period.

Get problems checked now

Although there are only a few days to go before the holidays, if you have, for example, broken a part of your tooth off and are hoping that it will be OK until after the holidays, then please don’t. Although this is a busy time of the year for any dental practice, we will always do all that we can to see a patient who needs urgent treatment. Simply keeping your fingers crossed could lead to a very uncomfortable time over the holidays indeed!

Alcohol awareness

Whilst many people do like to have a drink at Christmas, it is important to be aware of the risks associated with it. Whilst gum disease is more likely to occur when you drink, largely due to a dry mouth and lack of saliva to flush the bacteria away, a more immediate concern is the amount of accidents that tend to happen when too much alcohol has been drunk. Whether this be a fall or a result of simply ‘fooling around’  a blow to the teeth can result in breakage and a significant amount of pain. Being conscious of how much you have drunk and being sensible in your approach, will hopefully help to avoid accidents, and, of course, help to reduce those hangovers too!

Go nuts

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Oral Cancer – Another Good Reason To Stop Smoking In The New Year

Our Clapham dentist advises why this is still a good New Year resolution to make.

It is widely accepted that smoking is a major contributory factor in incidence of cancer, but, whilst most people would associate this fact with lung cancer, oral cancer is also common, and smoking, as with other types of cancer, can contribute towards its development.

Tobacco contains carcinogenic chemicals that can cause damage to DNA and lead to the development of cancer. Not surprisingly the risks of developing cancer of the mouth rise amongst those who smoke tobacco. Poor diet and some other substances such as chewing tobacco and the human papilloma virus can also contribute to cancer, but so too can long standing wounds.

Because broken or jagged teeth can increase the risk of cancer by creating mouth ulcers,  it is very important that a good standard of oral hygiene is maintained. This means not only good oral health care at home but also regular appointments with our Clapham dentists and hygienists. These regular checks not only allow us to treat any damaged teeth, but also offers a chance for early detection of any potential signs of oral cancer.

Although regular appointments with a dentist are essential, you can greatly reduce the risk of oral cancer by stopping smoking. This can be a huge struggle for some but there are ways to improve your chances of  eventual success:

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Teeth Whitening – 3 Of Your Most Common Questions Answered


More people than ever are paying to have their teeth whitened, but does it hurt and is it safe? We asked the team at Confidental Clinic to provide answers to some of the most common questions that patients are asking about teeth whitening; but first of all let’s take a quick look at what the process entails and why it’s so popular.

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Brighten Up Your Smile The Smart Way

Have you ever stopped to consider just how good smiling makes you feel? It’s a great way to start your day too. However, what if your teeth are stained and yellow, do you find that you’re too embarrassed to smile for fear of others seeing?

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Dental Hygiene and why it is So Important for Your Smile


Here at Confidental, we suggest all our patients have regular appointments with our hygiene team. Our hygienists are all highly trained and work closely with our dentists to help you maintain great dental health at all times. You will also find them very easy to talk to, so please feel free to ask any questions you might have about your dental health because patient education is an important part of our practice.

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