This advanced procedure is carried out by our very experienced dentists.

You can opt for sedation for your optimum comfort and provide lifetime aftercare to make sure you benefit from your new smile.


We offer all types of clear braces to improve your smile. There are fixed and removable options, invisible braces to suit your preference.

We have an orthodontist as well as cosmetic dentists that can give you your perfect smile.


When you look young you feel young.

Our cosmetic dentists are fully qualified to to provide all the latest anti wrinkle treatments available to give you a more youthful appearance.


If you concerned about any aspect of your smile why not come in for free consultation to see what we can do for you.

Our cosmetic dentists can help improve your smile, no matter how big or small your concern.


Family and Cosmetic Dentist in Clapham Junction, Battersea

Confidental Clinic is a modern, contemporary practice specialising in all types of Dentistry. Situated in the High Street on St John's Road, Clapham Junction, Battersea, we strive to provide you with the best dental treatment and care using superior materials and cutting edge equipment, making your treatment successful and long lasting. The practice has been designed to be tranquil and calm, making even the most nervous patient feel more relaxed. We have a Holistic approach to dentistry believing that not only are we dealing with your teeth, but your mind, body and spirit too. We promise to:

  • Not just provide treatment but to advise you on how to avoid treatment by explaining about diet and care at home
  • Protect you against possible toxins from certain dental materials
  • Talk to you and advise you about how stress and health related issues have an effect on your teeth and how best to avoid problems
  • Provide you with ongoing care and advice about your dental health and wellbeing

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Why Choose Us?

  • Dedicated dental team
  • Late evening and weekend appointments
  • NHS, Private and Specialist Options
  • Sedation for nervous patients
  • High Tech equipment
  • Central and convenient location

The treatment we provide

Confidental Clinic is a practice that likes to provide all types of treatment under one roof. We have highly trained dentists offering a full range of dental treatments, guaranteeing that no matter what treatment you need you can be assured that you will be receiving the best.

Any treatment you have with us is completely painless. We use a special gel to numb the gum ready to numb you for treatment and use a painless technique when giving the local anaesthetic.

No treatment is rushed and breaks are given during long appointments to make you comfortable. To make your experience with us more pleasant we also offer blankets and pillows during long appointments.

Do impressions make you feel sick? You don’t need them with our digital scanner. READ MORE

The Clinic

Confidental Clinic

About the team

Our friendly team are well trained and experienced making you feel welcomed and comfortable. All our dentists are highly skilled and truly love what they do, the results showing through in the treatment they provide. Throughout the year all the team including dentists regularly attend courses and lectures, improving their skills and knowledge to keep providing you with the care you deserve.

We are lucky enough to have a specialist Orthodontist who straightens teeth using Braces. This includes removable and fixed braces. We also have implant dentists and cosmetic dentists here at the clinic. Cosmetic Dentistry ranges from affordable and quick treatments such as Teeth Whitening to Full Mouth Smile Designs.

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