Dental Appointment Cancellations

How this can affect both dentist and patient alike

Dentist surgeryMost dental appointments are made well in advance for a check up. This means that patients commit to a date far enough in the future that anything could crop up in the meantime.

Having to change the date is not unusual and doesn’t cause a problem if sufficient notice is given. Where a patient doesn’t give us notice though, it causes inconvenience for both our Clapham dentists and their patients.

There are a number of reasons why patients may need or wish to rearrange an appointment at the Confidental Clinic and we take a look at some of these below.

Other engagements

We understand that many things can happen in the time following making your appointment. You may have another important appointment, such as an interview the same day, or perhaps you want to book a holiday at that time. This isn’t a problem if you let us know in advance so that we can free your spot up for another patient.

The problem has resolved itself

This is one that patients often get wrong. The truth is that most dental problems that you have made an appointment for will not get better on their own. A small cavity that was causing you toothache may suddenly cause less discomfort, but please believe us when we say that it will very likely return with a vengeance. Even if it doesn’t, it will still continue to damage your tooth leaving you needing a bigger filling than if you had received treatment at your set appointment. So please make sure to have any dental problem treated as soon as possible – typically they will get worse if left.

Dental phobia

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Looking To Rejuvenate Your Apearance In 2020?

If so, look no further; the Confidental Clinic team are here to help!

Older couple with nice teeth and skinHappy New Year to all of our patients and regular blog readers. We thought that we would start 2020 by writing for those of you who might be looking at ways to improve the way that you look this coming year.

Our experienced Clapham dentists have a wide range of treatments at their disposal that can help to rejuvenate both your smile and your skin. Not everybody will need all of these of course, and many patients will benefit greatly from just a single procedure.

Without further ado then, let us take a look at some of the most common rejuvenating procedure that are available to our patients.

Teeth whitening

We’ll start with what is one of our most popular cosmetic dental treatments. This treatment has been popularised by many TV stars and celebrities and our home teeth whitening kits allow you to achieve a brighter smile in the comfort of your own home and at times that are convenient to you. The level of whiteness can be adjusted to meet your requirements and you should expect to see the full benefits after approximately two weeks. The treatment is not permanent but is long lasting and can be repeated when needed with no ill effects.

Porcelain dental veneers

For patients with heavily discoloured teeth or where there are defects such as chips or cracks in them, a teeth whitening procedure might not provide the results that you want. In situations such as this, porcelain veneers can be used to replace the damaged or discoloured enamel. A very attractive smile can be created using this method and your veneers should last you for approximately ten years with good care.

Orthodontic treatment

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Your Seasonal Dental Quiz From Confidental Clinic In Clapham

Have you been reading our blogs this year? If so, what can you remember?

Confidental ClinicOver the past year, we have been writing a number of blogs which we hope that you have found useful and educational.

Our main aim, of course, is to encourage our Clapham patients to improve the way that they look after their teeth and their oral health in general.

As it won’t be long before we are all focussed on Christmas, it seems like a good time to see what you can remember from the blogs that we have written this last year, so, below, you will find a few questions based on our 2019 blogs. See how well you do and have fun….

  1. What is the procedure called that is used to restore a tooth when the soft pulp area, containing the nerves, becomes infected?
  2. Apart from anything that we eat or drink, what is one of the major causes of bad breath?
  3. If you lose a tooth, what is the effect in that area of the mouth?
  4. Why shouldn’t you use lemon juice to whiten your teeth?
  5. What do we call the procedures that can be used prior to a dental implant placement when there is insufficient bone to place it into?
  6. Name some of the problems that can be caused by premature loss of our ‘baby teeth.
  7. Name three advantages of using Invisalign orthodontics over ‘traditional’ style braces
  8. Why should you use dental floss?
  9. Why is alcohol potentially harmful for our oral health?
  10. What is a ‘scale and polish’ ?


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What Do Dental Implants Feel Like?

Our Clapham implant team looks at what patients can expect from this procedure.

Showing a dental implant and crownAlthough many people do still use dentures to replace lost teeth, an increasing number are opting instead to have dental implants placed.

There are many good reasons for this, including their strength and longevity.

The procedure itself is one of the longer ones due to its complexity. That, and the fact that it involves minor surgery means that we are often asked a lot of questions about implants before a patient is prepared to commit to having them.

This is perfectly understandable and the team here at Confidental Clinic is always happy to answer any questions about implants or any other dental treatment. Some questions are asked quite regularly though and we thought that we would take a look at one of those today.

What do dental implants feel like?

Everybody has heard tales of loose dentures, including some embarrassing moments when they move around at an inappropriate time. Stories about dental implants are far fewer, partly because they are a newer product but also, quite frankly, there are fewer stories to tell. Indeed any stories you do hear are likely to be good ones!

For the vast majority of people, a dental implant placement is a great success and where this isn’t the case it is usually because they have opted to cut corners and perhaps travelled abroad for treatment or have failed to look after them as they were instructed to.

Dental implants may feel slightly different, especially in the period soon after they were placed, but you will very soon become used to your new replacement tooth and be able to use it just like your natural teeth.

Directly after treatment

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Trapped Food? – Use Dental Floss!

Leaving food trapped between your teeth is asking for trouble….

dentist examinationMost of our Clapham patients, we hope, clean their teeth twice a day and also do so effectively. If we do this and avoid eating too much sugary food, we probably think that we are looking after our teeth well. Although this is a good start, keeping your teeth and gums really clean requires an extra step to be fully effective.

Sugars and bacteria not only get stuck to the enamel surface of the tooth but also in the spaces between them. These are much more difficult to remove and if you only brush, there is likely to be food debris and harmful bacteria remaining in between your teeth. Over time, this will start to lead to both tooth decay and gum disease.

The tooth pick option

We know that some people do use toothpicks when they get food stuck between their teeth. These do serve a purpose in removing larger pieces of food that get trapped. As far as your oral health goes though, they do very little to help. The reality is that larger pieces of trapped food may be annoying and also visible, but they usually work loose due to saliva flow after a short period of time. What is more problematic are the tiny pieces that you can’t see that become trapped and a tooth pick will not be effective in removing these.

Dental floss

It is thought that only around one in five of us use dental floss on a regular basis. The reasons for this are unclear but probably include ‘difficulty’ as one of them. It is probably fair to say that most of us find it a little tricky when we first attempt to do it, and may well quickly give up. A little perseverance with it however, can make a real difference to the health of your teeth and gums.

We do encourage any patient of the Confidental Clinic to let us know if you do struggle to use floss. We are always happy to give you a quick demonstration of how to do it correctly. It really isn’t difficult, with a little practice and only takes a few minutes each day.

The consequences

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Restoring Your Smile With Invisalign

Are you fed up with having crooked teeth but don’t want to wear braces? If so, then read on.

Invisalign from £44 per monthIt is very likely that there are thousands of people in the UK who live with a crooked set of teeth which they are unhappy with. Despite the success rate of orthodontic treatments, many patients still choose to live with their teeth as they are, rather than having to wear ‘braces’ for a long period of time.

We do understand this as braces as many people understand them, can be highly visible and for some, a little uncomfortable too.

There are also additional dental risks when you wear regular braces. The wires and brackets that are used in this treatment are a potential trap for food and bacteria which can be notoriously difficult to remove given the additional effort required to keep teeth and gums clean when you wear braces.

Revolutionary orthodontics

Whilst people might be prepared to tolerate wearing braces for short periods of time to correct minor cosmetic problems, they may be less keen to do so when a lengthier treatment time is needed for more significant correction.

This is where a revolutionary method of teeth straightening comes into its own in the form of Invisalign orthodontics. This orthodontic system offers a great way to gently straighten crooked teeth, something which can often take a year or more, without the disadvantages of traditional wire and bracket type braces.

Although Invisalign orthodontics work in the same way as traditional braces, by gently exerting pressure over a period of time, encouraging the teeth towards their correct position, it does so using an entirely different method. Patients will no longer have to worry about having wires around their teeth which can both look and feel a little strange. Instead, Invisalign uses near-invisible ‘trays’ which fit directly over your teeth.

What are Invisalign trays?

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Why Wait? Planning Your Smile For 2020

A full range of options to help you plan the best smilemakover possible.

New smiling facesAt the time of writing this blog, we are looking out of the window at a very grey sky and constant drizzle. The chances are that there will be many more days like this until we start to feel the warmth of the sun on our skin next Spring.

Although we may wind back a little over the Winter months, perhaps spending less time outdoors, this can be a useful time to take stock of the year that’s almost gone and to plan for the Spring and Summer ahead. Indeed, this is an ideal time to have a think about what you would like to change about your smile and appearance in general.

Whiter smiles

The first thing that usually pops into people’s minds is that they would like to have a whiter smile, including older people whose teeth darken naturally as they age. Our professionally guided ‘at home’ teeth whitening treatment only takes a few weeks to transform your teeth from a dull colour to a beautiful white smile, and for this reason, some of our Clapham patients will wait until Spring to have this done.

However, as this treatment can be repeated safely, some of you might want to consider having this done now, rather than wait. Not only will you then already have the trays for a repeat whitening next year, but you can also have a great looking smile for all those Christmas and New Year parties and events too!


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Is Halloween Scary? It Is For Kid’s Teeth!

How to minimise the risks to your children’s teeth at this time of the year.

It isn’t long now to Halloween and, although perhaps bigger in the USA, Halloween is now becoming a firm favourite with children in the UK.

This probably shouldn’t come as a surprise as kids often enjoy scary things and then, of course, there are the sweets; free, and lots of them!

To a young child, being given a handful of sweets at the door is probably as exciting as it gets, but unfortunately most children don’t understand the harm that eating all those sweets can do to their teeth.

Halloween night on its own will not destroy teeth of course, and much tooth decay in younger children comes from poor long term diet and tooth neglect. As many kids ‘stash’ the sweets that they get at Halloween and eat them over a period of time, this longer term exposure to large quantities of sugar certainly poses a significant risk.

The parent’s role

We can’t expect children not to look forward to Halloween and very few parents will want to shield them from the fun, provided that it can all be done safely. Equally, whilst it is a good idea to educate your children about why eating too many sweets isn’t good for their teeth, you may not want to ban them from the fun altogether. Here, at the Confidental Clinic in Clapham, we believe that there is a middle way that works for children and also helps to protect their teeth.

Should they accept sweets?

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Taking Care Of Your Dentures

How to get the best from this popular tooth replacement system.

You may have noticed that we discuss dental implants as a means of replacing missing teeth quite frequently here on our Confidental Clinic blog. There are many good reasons for doing this and a quick read of any of these articles will show all of the advantages to be had from this type of treatment – please click here for an example.

It is only fair though, that we acknowledge that not everybody will choose to have implants due to the need for a surgical procedure, along with other reasons, and many people do still opt to have traditional dentures as their treatment of choice.

Dentures are perhaps, a compromise between functionality, comfort and a non invasive way of replacing missing teeth. If you do have them though, it is important that you take care to look after them well. With this in mind, today we offer a care guide for all of our Clapham based denture wearers.

General guidance

Before we move on to specifics such as cleaning, it is perhaps worth a reminder that although dentures are artificial, as far as you are concerned, they are going to be your teeth. As such, by taking the time and care to look after them, they will serve you much better, and provide a better experience than if you neglect to do so.

Clean after eating

Although your dentures won’t decay, food that becomes trapped in them will do so, and in the process will emit gasses that can cause them to give off an odour. In addition to this risk of smelly breath is an increased chance of gum disease. Cleaning your dentures after a meal where possible, will also keep them looking nicer for longer.

Handle them carefully

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Back To School (With Improved Dental Habits!)

Dr Zamena Janmohamed offers some positive oral health tips for parents.

Some schools will already have started back after the Summer holidays, with others following a week later. In many cases, both parents and children will be happy about this and look forward to getting back into their regular routines.

Although it can all be a bit ‘last minute’ on the first morning back, with everyone having to change their morning habits, it is also a good time to take stock of how well we are helping (or not) our children to have healthy teeth during term times.

At the Confidental Clinic in Clapham, as at all other practices around the country, we see far too many children who have tooth decay. Although some of this is probably to be expected, due to kids love of sugary sweets, it is well beyond what we should be seeing if certain guidelines were followed.

To this end, here are a few useful tips for parents whose kids are starting back to school.

The morning rush

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