Month: March 2015

Caring for your Dental Crown

How to ensure a long life for your new tooth crown. The dental crown is one of the more common methods used by dentists to restore badly damaged or broken teeth. These are usually used in cases where a filling

When a Tooth Extraction is the Only Solution

Minimising the stress of extraction at our Clapham dental practice. Helping you to keep your natural teeth, and in a healthy condition, is a key aim of the dental team at the Confidental clinic in Clapham. To this end, we

Fast Acting Orthodontics

Damon braces in Clapham

Straighter teeth in a shorter period of time with Damon braces. Having teeth straightened, these days, is not the ordeal that it once was. No longer is the only option available the old metallic (and highly visible) train track style

Replacement Teeth in a Day

full arch teeth replacement

A new set of secure teeth in just one day, using the all on 4 procedure at Confidental Clinic, Clapham. Nowadays, it is extremely rare indeed to see anybody who has no teeth at all. Some of this is due