Month: April 2015

Selecting the Right Orthodontics System

Damon braces in Clapham

When it comes to dental braces; one size does not fit all. Many of us might associate dental braces with the metallic ones that we are most familiar with from years past. Modern orthodontics though, now offer a wider choice

Looking Great for the Summer

Our cosmetic dentist in Battersea can help put a smile back on your face! Now that the trees are starting to become greener and the temperature slowly rises, many of us are turning our thoughts towards the sunnier months and

Smoking and Your Teeth, Gums and Jawbone

stages of gum disease

If you need one more push to stop smoking, read on! At one time, almost all of the workforce in the UK smoked. The office and factory environment were not, in retrospect, healthy places to be, and many people that

DIY Dentistry … And Why You Shouldn’t!

Confidental Clinic

Recent study shows a worrying trend that could lead to health problems. Perhaps it comes from memories of our parents aiding the removal of a wobbly milk tooth by attaching it to a piece of string and slamming the door;