Month: March 2016

Dental Veneers for Beautiful Teeth

white teeth smile

Even badly stained and chipped teeth are not a lost cause….. One of the quickest and easiest ways to have nicer looking teeth is to have them whitened. Add to this, the affordability of this procedure and it is not

Gum Disease – Stages and Terminologies

stages of gum disease

Our Clapham dental team explains gum disease in its various stages and terms. Gum disease is common, and most of our patients will suffer from it at some time or another during their life. The term ‘gum disease’ though is

No Excuse For Tooth Decay In Children

Big family group

Recent figures show a huge number of hospital admissions for tooth extraction. A report recently stated that, since 2011, 128,000 children have had to have teeth removed due to tooth decay (1). Despite the wealth of information now available, it