Month: April 2016

Botox And Teeth Whitening Special Offer In Clapham

Look great for the Summer and save money too! Whilst many patients visit our Clapham dental practice for restorative dental care, a growing number also visit us for the benefits of the aesthetic treatments which we offer. Two of the

Benefits Of Professional Teeth Cleaning

clean teeth and white smiles

A visit to the hygienist – much more than nicer looking teeth! A comment that we sometimes hear from patients who have visited our hygienist for the first time is how much nicer their teeth look and feel. It may

What Are The Risks Of Botox?

White teeth

A little more about this popular facial aesthetics procedure. As providers of facial aesthetic treatments at our Clapham practice, we sometimes hear from new patients who are considering Botox for reducing skin wrinkles but are concerned about “scare stories” they

Gum Reshaping

cosmetic enhanced smile

Even with great teeth, excess gum can leave us with an unattractive smile. Recently on the Confidental Clinic blogs we have discussed the importance of having healthy gums, free from gum disease. One possible consequence of gingivitis (early stage gum