Month: January 2018

Why Are Teeth Sometimes Sensitive?

Dentist surgery

Tooth sensitivity can be uncomfortable, but could also indicate other problems. Having sensitive teeth can make drinking and eating quite uncomfortable. It is no fun, on a hot day, to have to think about the consequences before drinking a nice

Protecting Your Children’s Teeth

Big family group

Our Clapham children’s dentist explains why parents must take responsibility. A report out today has shown that there has been a rise in the number of children needing to have teeth extracted in hospitals, from last year (see link below).

How To Beat Your Dental Anxiety In Clapham

Fear of the dentist

Avoiding the dentist because of anxiety is likely to cause long term harm to teeth and gums. Anxiety is a strange thing, and some believe it is hardwired into our DNA from our times as hunter gatherers. Whether this is