Month: February 2018

Will Dental Implants Really Improve Your Quality Of Life?

Showing a dental implant and crown

Looking at why more and more people are turning to implants. Although not the cheapest method of replacing a missing tooth, or teeth; an increasing number of patients at our Clapham practice, as elsewhere, are turning to dental implants when

Have You Been Told You Have Gingivitis? – It’s Time For Action!

stages of gum disease

Early stage gum disease is manageable if you follow the advice given by our Clapham dentists. We all hope, that when we visit our dentist for our regular check up, we will be be told that they will see us

Broken A Tooth? – What Are Your Options?

Confidental Clinic

Potential treatments to restore a damaged tooth at our Clapham practice. A tooth can break for any number of reasons. Weakened by decay or even where it has previously been treated, it can still come as something of a shock