Month: April 2018

Helping Your Child Overcome Dental Anxiety

Big family group

Whether young or old, a fear of the dentist is relatively common. As parents, there is a chance that we dislike taking our children for their dental appointments, knowing the anxiety that we also sometimes feel ourselves. We still do

What To Expect From NHS Dental Care In Clapham

Dentist surgery

The benefits and limitations of this essential dental health service. At the Confidental Clinic, we strive to provide high quality dental care for all of our patients, whatever their income. As a part of this service, we offer NHS dentistry

Treatments for a Weakened Tooth in Clapham

Confidental Clinic

When your bite feels less than confident, it’s time to act. Nothing beats having an attractive smile, with teeth that not only look great, but also feel strong and able to cope with whatever we eat. Sadly, that probably doesn’t