Month: June 2018

Alternatives To Large Dental Fillings

Confidental Clinic

Other options for large cavities available at our Clapham practice Dental fillings are one of the most common treatments that dentists carry out. They are an excellent way of restoring a tooth that has either broken or suffered from decay.

Dental Myths Exposed By Your Clapham Dentist

Dentist surgery

Rumours about some aspects of dentistry can often misinform patients. Aside from any ‘clickbait’ adverts that promise miracle cures at very cheap rates, there have long been many myths about dental care that have become widely accepted over time. Some

Unisex Teeth Whitening In Clapham

Good teeth on smiling people

Women and men are now seeking great looking teeth! Although much advertising for teeth whitening treatments is aimed at women, it is equally effective and beneficial for men too. Over the last few years we have noticed a steady increase