Month: August 2018

The Problem Of Mouth Ulcers

Dr Jignesh Patel

Dr Jignesh Patel looks at this common oral health issue. Although dentists are primarily responsible for looking after patient’s teeth and gums, we are also concerned about all other aspects of your mouth health too. For example, we are ideally

Root Canal Therapy Demystified

Clapham Endodontist, Dr Kunal Patel, discusses this often misunderstood procedure. Over the years, I have developed a particular interest in the field of endodontics, better known to the layperson as root canal treatment. This is a procedure that can cause

Common Food And Drinks That Lead To Stained Teeth

Reducing the use of certain foods can help to keep your teeth looking whiter for longer. As we have noted in previous blog posts, almost everybody’s teeth will start to lose their sparkle as they get older. This happens when