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Dental Myths Exposed By Your Clapham Dentist

Rumours about some aspects of dentistry can often misinform patients. Aside from any ‘clickbait’ adverts that promise miracle cures at very cheap rates, there have long been many myths about dental care that have become widely accepted over time. Some

Vaping Shown Not To Stain Teeth

White teeth

Badly discoloured teeth caused by smoking could be a thing of the past. As part of a  recent study on oral health, scientists took a look at the staining qualities of vaping products. These have been used by many people

Choosing Your Local Dentist In The Clapham Area

What things should you look for when you need to register at a new dental practice? If you are new to the Clapham area, you might be considering which dental practice to choose. Equally, perhaps you already live around here

Why Are Teeth Sometimes Sensitive?

Tooth sensitivity can be uncomfortable, but could also indicate other problems. Having sensitive teeth can make drinking and eating quite uncomfortable. It is no fun, on a hot day, to have to think about the consequences before drinking a nice

Dental Care At Christmas

Your Clapham dentist offers advice on avoiding oral problems during the holiday period. We are sure that many of you will be looking forward to your Christmas break. Hopefully most of the presents have now been bought and you can

The Potential Impact Of ‘Fake News’ On Your Teeth

Our Clapham dentists look at the damage that can be done through following incorrect advice. You will, no doubt, be familiar with the term ‘fake news’ that has been bandied around the media for some time. Although this is largely

Bad Breath? It May Not Be What You Are Eating

If you have persistently bad breath, you need to see a dentist. Anybody who has had a conversation with a person with halitosis will know how deeply unpleasant it can be. There is a world of difference between someone with

Oral Health In The Elderly

Maintaining good oral care is important, especially in our later years. A healthy mouth can make a big different to our lives. As well as allowing us to eat a wide range of foods easily, nice looking teeth can play

5 Tips To Improve Your Oral Health

Just a few small changes in the way you look after your teeth can have huge benefits Although modern dental care offers numerous ways to restore damaged or infected teeth, sometimes it is worth taking a look at our daily

Extracting A Tooth – The Last Resort

Confidental Clinic

Explaining how we remove a tooth at our Clapham dental practice. Whilst preventing dental problems is naturally better than having to treat them, there are now many procedures that are available to save a tooth when decay, or other problems,