When a Tooth Extraction is the Only Solution

Minimising the stress of extraction at our Clapham dental practice.

Helping you to keep your natural teeth, and in a healthy condition, is a key aim of the dental team at the Confidental clinic in Clapham.

To this end, we encourage all of our patients, both young and old, to ensure that they have their teeth and gums checked regularly by one of our dentists.

By doing this, and with common sense about diet and a good cleaning regime, hopefully any dental treatment will be kept to a minimum.

Broken teeth

Almost inevitably though, at some point, most of us will need some dental treatment. In most cases this will probably be relatively minor, such as a small filling for example.

However, sometimes more serious dental issues arise which may need more invasive procedures. These are an unfortunate fact of life that may not even be of our own doing.

A good example of this is when we break a tooth. Whilst this can be caused by decay; providing that you take care of your teeth, this is unlikely. The same end result though can occur as the result of an accident, especially, perhaps,  if you play a contact sport.


If a tooth is badly broken, we will examine it at our Clapham dental surgery to make an informed decision as to what treatment you may need.

In cases of significant breakages, it is likely that a filling will not suffice.

The next best option may be to have a dental crown fitted and these are excellent for creating a strong tooth. They do, however, require a certain amount of the natural tooth still to be present and where a tooth is beyond repair, it may be necessary to extract it.

Stress free extraction

Having a tooth out can not be described as enjoyable and we won’t pretend that it is.

What we can assure you though is that our dental team will do all that we can to ensure that the procedure is as stress free and comfortable as possible for our patients.

From the relaxed friendly manner of our team through to ensuring that your local anaesthetic has taken full effect, we will remove the affected tooth as gently as possible.

For anyone who is especially anxious about dental visits, or this procedure in particular, we are also able to offer intravenous sedation which will enable you to be fully relaxed during the whole procedure.

The use of sedation makes the procedure easier for the patient and also helps the dentist to remove the tooth quickly and efficiently whilst the patient is in a relaxed state.

If you would like to know more about sedation dentistry for nervous patients or tooth extraction, please call the Confidental Clinic of Clapham today on 020 7801 9060.