Oral Health In The Elderly

Maintaining good oral care is important, especially in our later years.

A healthy mouth can make a big different to our lives. As well as allowing us to eat a wide range of foods easily, nice looking teeth can play an important role in social interaction and have a positive effect on many areas of our life.

These things are important to us when we are younger, but, as we get older, social lives tend to be less extensive and some are perhaps less concerned with their appearance. A combination of these factors may cause us to not look after out teeth as well as we may have previously done.

Elderly patient care

At the Confidental Clinic in Clapham, we try to ensure that our older patients are both aware of the importance of good oral health care, along with having regular dental inspections. Whilst six monthly checks are normal for most people, we may suggest that older patients see us more frequently, as some oral health problems, such as gum disease, occur more easily in the elderly.

For those who are responsible for the care of older patients, you will pleased to know that all of our staff receive training on treating vulnerable adult patients and and are DBS checked.

Older patient problems

Oral health neglect can lead to a number of detrimental health problems for older patients particularly. In addition to the expected problems of tooth decay and its associated pain, gum disease occurs more easily in older patients due to the increase in instances of ‘dry mouth’. Several serious health issues have been associated with advanced gum disease, including heart problems and Alzheimer’s, both of which are more common in elderly people.

The potential problems don’t stop there though, and the difficulty in eating due to poor quality teeth and gums, may even result in poor nutrition. Speech and breathing problems may also occur.

Whilst none of us can avoid growing older, we should try to do all that we can to remain as healthy and active as possible for our age. The longer we stay healthy, the longer we can enjoy life, eating nice foods and socialising if we wish. Taking care of our oral health into old age helps to keep us on this path.

If you are over 65, not currently receiving regular dental care and live in the Clapham and Battersea area, we are always happy to see you. Our practice is a relaxing and welcoming environment that we feel you will be comfortable with. If you are a carer of an elderly person and have any specific questions regarding their oral health care or individual circumstances, we are always happy to offer advice.

Please call us at the Confidental Clinic in Clapham on 020 7801 9060.