The Potential Impact Of ‘Fake News’ On Your Teeth

Our Clapham dentists look at the damage that can be done through following incorrect advice.

You will, no doubt, be familiar with the term ‘fake news’ that has been bandied around the media for some time. Although this is largely connected to politics, there is plenty of fake news, especially on social media, that can be seriously harmful to your teeth.

One of the most pernicious methods used in this way are ‘click bait’ articles. These are designed solely to attract you to a web page, usually for advertising purposes. An example might be ‘whiten your teeth with this natural treatment that dentists don’t want you to know about’. Little is usually thought about the consequences if someone actually follows the advice.

Although it is impossible to cover all of these, the following are three of the most common types that we have seen.

Teeth whitening

This is almost certainly the most common one that you will see. According to these articles, you can whiten your teeth using lemon juice, household bleach and even mashed strawberries! Whilst some of these are just plain ridiculous, others are quite serious, potentially causing significant damage and pain to anyone who tries it. Most teeth whitening click bait articles involve the use of some form of bleaching agent, whether a household bleach or lemon juice. The use of household bleach is downright dangerous, for very obvious reasons, but even a natural ingredient like lemon juice can strip the enamel from your teeth, leading to sensitivity and increased vulnerability to decay and root canal infection.

Dental implants

A dental implant placement is a sophisticated procedure that requires a great deal of preparation and understanding about the nature of the patient’s mouth. A healthy bone structure is essential for a successful placement. Despite this though, many click bait articles would have you believe that, for very little money, you could have the procedure done at an exotic location and enjoy a holiday at the same time. It is difficult to state just how badly wrong this could all go. Not only might you waste your money, but could end up with serious and painful oral health issues too.

Facial treatments

Most click bait articles will focus on appearance .. lose weight, grow hair, build muscles etc. It is not surprising therefore, that wrinkle reduction is a very common one. Again, there are many natural products suggested to help with this. At best, some of these may help to hydrate the skin a little, but they are unlikely to reduce facial lines and wrinkles to any degree.

The above are just three examples that we have seen on a regular basis. As we have stated, these could cause serious harm if read, believed and acted upon. At the very best, nearly all click bait articles regarding dentistry are ineffective and should be given a very wide berth.

If you are unhappy about the way that your teeth look, or, if you feel that you would like to have wrinkle free skin, our best advice is to ignore these articles, and, instead, contact your local Clapham cosmetic dentists for a consultation where we can discuss your requirements and offer a safe and effective solution that will actually produce the right results!

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