Good Oral Health Tips for Students

Attending university? Here are some dental tips from our Clapham Junction dental team.

Now that students are settling into the new term, we thought we would look at how being a student can affect your teeth and gums and offer some advice about how best to keep them in good condition. At the Confidental Clinic, we have, over the years, seen the effect that neglect of students teeth can have and, hopefully, the following advice will help others keep their teeth and gums in good condition.

Regular Care – This is by far the most important aspect of looking after your teeth and gums. Daily brushing, and ideally flossing, contribute greatly to keeping your teeth in great shape. With the pressures of exams and late night parties this can easily be forgotten and can result in teeth and gum problems. A good tip when you are going out partying or drinking, is to leave your toothbrush on the pillow before you go out to remind you to clean your teeth before going to bed.

Alcohol – It is no secret that some students like to consume their fair share of alcohol. This can lead to falling into bed without cleaning their teeth (see above), but can also cause a dry mouth where gingival bacteria breed. Regular dry mouths are highly likely to see higher incidences of gum disease which can result in tooth loss if neglected.

Diet – Although younger people are more aware of healthy eating than others before them may have been; even with the best of intentions, grabbing snacks, especially at busy times, is likely to be common. Try to ensure that you have plenty of sugar free snacks in your accommodation so that you will be less tempted to reach for sugar filled snacks and chocolate.

Dental Care – Living away from home, especially for the first time, can be a learning experience and a time when you have to take responsibility for things that you may have been reminded of by others before. Dental check ups are one of the things that many students sometimes tend to neglect, with many not registering with a dentist at their university location and, perhaps also forgetting to schedule an appointment when home during the breaks.

Over a three year period without regular dental supervision, and with a student lifestyle, there is likely to be some significant deterioration in a person’s oral health.

HPV – As well as teeth and gum deterioration, the HPV virus is another very good reason to ensure that your mouth is examined and checked for potential signs of oral cancers which can occur if the HPV virus is contracted.

If you study in the Clapham Junction or Battersea area and are currently a student living away from home, why not book an appointment at the Confidental Clinic? By examining your mouth, we can help you to get back on track with your oral health. Even if you can only manage to fit in one visit a year (albeit we recommend two); with a little care and attention on your own part, combined with professional dental care and advice, you may be able to go through your student years trouble free, or with only very minor procedures.

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