Dental Care At Christmas

Your Clapham dentist offers advice on avoiding oral problems during the holiday period.

We are sure that many of you will be looking forward to your Christmas break. Hopefully most of the presents have now been bought and you can start to relax.

Whilst your teeth and gums are probably one of the last things that you will think about during the festive period, it is worth keeping in mind that problems can occur, if you don’t look after your teeth, and how a painful tooth could easily spoil your holiday.

Below, we offer some simple pieces of advice for patients of the Confidental Clinic, in the hope that it will help to keep your teeth and gums in tip top shape.


Before we move on to general care, it is worth reminding anyone travelling abroad for the holidays to be well covered for dental treatment, should the need arise. It is also worth taking an emergency dental repair kit with you. These are available at chemists and contain a ready made portion of a temporary ‘amalgam’ type filling. Only use this if you are unable to access a dentist, and definitely make sure to contact us as soon as you get home so that we can make sure that the tooth is treated correctly.

Christmas cleaning

Whether abroad or at home, you should always take good care to keep your teeth clean, with regular brushing and flossing. This might be the last thing that you feel like doing at the end of a long day, but it is essential that you make that little bit of effort to do this. Almost certainly, your diet will contain more sugar at Christmas, and failing to clean your teeth before bedtime means that they are in contact with sugars and acids whilst you sleep.

No bottles or nuts please!

A second or two of madness could ruin your holiday altogether and may mean you requiring emergency dental treatment, or even facial surgery. We are thinking, in particular, of people who attempt to open beer bottles with their teeth. It goes without saying that this is asking for trouble. Use a bottle opener, it’s what they are made for, and not your teeth! Breaking nuts with your teeth may not cause the same serious injuries that broken glass can, but a nutshell is certainly strong enough to break a tooth.


Whether it is your sweet food or alcohol consumption, it is better to moderate your intake. Many accidents happen under the influence of alcohol, and a fall may well mean that your teeth receive a blow. Try alternating your beer or wine with non alcoholic drinks. Water is probably the best as it also will help to ward off a dry mouth and help you to stay hydrated.


Above all, enjoy the festive season. We are not asking you to be ‘saints’ but to exercise common sense and make that extra bit of effort to keep your teeth strong and healthy at Christmas time; you will thank us for it.

Should you need to see an emergency dentist over the holiday period, if we are closed, please ring the Confidental Clinic of Clapham on 020 7801 9060 to receive further instructions.