Using Cosmetic Bonding and Gum Lifts To Improve Your Smile

A brief look at two lesser known treatments at our Clapham practice.

Many of our dental blogs have been written about general oral health care, or ‘headline’ treatments such as dental implants or invisible braces. At the Confidental Clinic though, there are many treatments which can be used for specific situations which don’t receive the same level of attention. In this blog, we take a look at two of these, which can prove to be highly effective and very useful to some of our local patients.

Cosmetic bonding

Cosmetic bonding is a procedure which can be used to enhance the appearance of the more visible teeth near the front of the mouth. It is especially useful for replacing small chips on the teeth and is made from a dental composite that can be made to match the exact shade of your teeth. It is then applied to the area in question and shaped appropriately. Our highly skilled Clapham dentists are then able to smooth and polish the material, leaving it natural looking. Composite materials also harden very quickly and can restore the normal function of your teeth in just a short time.

They can also be used in place of a filling depending on the size and structure of the cavity but for larger cavities, onlays or inlays may be preferable. Depending on each case, cosmetic bonding may be used to close a gap between the front teeth, also called a diastema.

Gum lifts

A gum lift is generally used to help those who have what is commonly known as a ‘gummy smile’. This happens when the gums grow further down the teeth than normal. There are a number of potential causes for this to happen, none of which the patient can really prevent. This doesn’t mean though, that the patient has to accept this look, and, a gum lift offers an instant and long-lasting solution to the problem.

The procedure involves a local anaesthetic, given to numb the gums. A tiny laser is then used to remove the excess gum from the teeth. This will be done carefully, and in a manner that will ensure that the gum looks both even and natural, once healed. Because a laser, rather than a scalpel, is used to remove the excess gum, the wounds are instantly cauterised and any bleeding should be minimal. Patients may feel a little discomfort for a day or two afterwards, but this should be manageable with regular painkiller medication. Within a couple of days though, your gums should feel normal and be far more attractive than before the treatment took place.

If you are unhappy with the way your teeth or gums look, why not make an appointment to see one of our Clapham dentists who will examine you and offer advice on appropriate treatment to improve your smile. Please call the Confidental Clinic today on 020 7801 9060.