NHS Dental Care vs Private Dental Care

What should you expect?

At our dental practice in Clapham Junction, we offer both NHS and private dentistry for our patients from Battersea and the surrounding areas. Sometimes, some confusion arises about whether private dental care provides a ‘better’ service than NHS care so we thought it appropriate to explain a little more in this blog post.

NHS dental care

Under the NHS, there are a limited number of treatments which can be performed. These are essential treatments that are key to ensuring good oral health and by restricting the range, this ensures that general oral health care is widely available at a reasonable price. Good oral health may start at home, but professional supervision by highly skilled dentists, like our own at the Confidental Clinic, means that any problems that do arise can be treated quickly, and often using just a minor procedure.

NHS treatments are priced in different bands, details of which are available on our website and range from simple dental fillings through to dentures and crowns etc.

Private dental care

The area where private dental care has an advantage over NHS is not in the skills of the dentist themselves, but in the range of procedures that are available. Cosmetic dentistry, specifically, is only available privately as to provide this under the NHS would be prohibitively expensive and outside of the budget available. It is ideal for patients who are not only looking to have healthy teeth, but also attractive ones that will provide them with a great smile.

There are a large number of cosmetic procedures available privately, from a very simple treatment such as teeth whitening, through to the highly sophisticated dental implant procedure which offers an excellent method of tooth replacement. Whilst the cost of most private dental care is higher than NHS, more choice is available for our local Battersea and Clapham patients and our zero percent finance plan means that we are able to help spread the cost too.

We believe in treating all patients, whether NHS or private equally, and you can be assured of top quality dental care from our team when you pay us a visit.

Whether you are seeking general family dental care or looking to give your own smile a lift through cosmetic dentistry, why not arrange a consultation with us at the Confidental Clinic to discuss your dental needs? Please call us today on 020 7801 9060.