Aftercare Following A Tooth Extraction Procedure

Oral health care advice following the removal of a tooth at Confidental Clapham.

Removal of a tooth is the last option when it has become so badly damaged or decayed that other procedures would not be able to save it. Our Clapham Junction dental team aim to make the procedure as comfortable as possible and local anaesthetics ensure that the area is fully numb before the procedure commences.

Most extractions are straightforward and the tooth can usually be easily removed following manipulation, to remove it from the jaw.


Once a tooth has been extracted, looking after the area, and the mouth in general, is extremely important in order to ensure that the wounded area does not become infected. Immediately following the extraction of the tooth, you will be given some gauze to bite down on for a while. This allows a blood clot to form in the socket which will start the healing process. Occasionally, this clot will come out and the wound bleed again. Should this occur, you will be given a spare gauze to repeat the process.

Once the blood clot has become established, you should not attempt to touch it with the fingers or tongue. If the clot does become dislodged, this can result in a dry socket which is very painful and, should it occur, please contact the Confidental Clinic in Clapham as soon as possible so that we can treat it.

Pain and cleaning

It is unlikely that you will feel actual pain once the anaesthetic has worn off, but you may feel some slight discomfort. This can be treated by your usual pain relief medication that you might use for a headache for example. Whilst it is wise to leave the mouth alone for a few hours after the extraction, good oral health care is important and the area of the extraction should be kept clean by alternating a warm salt solution and a good quality mouthwash every two hours. Our Clapham dentists will advise a suitable brand.

This should be taken into the mouth and the head tilted to allow the liquid to wash over the area. Swilling and vigorous spitting are not advised as this can dislodge the clot. You should also clean your other teeth as normal, taking care to avoid the extraction area.

Living with the gap

Whilst some patients from the Clapham Junction and Battersea area who have had teeth extracted have opted to simply live with a gap in their teeth, especially where the gap is not visible, others look to replace the missing tooth. At the Confidental Clinic, we have a number of options available including partial dentures, dental bridges and the popular dental implant.

We are always happy to discuss the various options with you and we can be contacted by telephone on 020 7801 9060 for advice.