Partial Dentures – Non-invasive Teeth Replacement

Our Clapham dentist takes a look at this commonly used tooth replacement method.

Here at Confidental Clinic in Clapham, when a patient loses a tooth, either because of decay or due to an accident, we will always advise that they replace it with one of the restoration procedures that we offer.

If you lose a tooth or teeth, and they aren’t replaced, then after time the surrounding teeth can move to fill the gap left. Missing teeth can also cause problems with your bite.

A partial denture

We offer a range of procedures designed to help our patients that have suffered tooth loss. Not all of the treatments are suitable for everyone, and some whilst offering excellent results can be quite time consuming to complete, and very often they require quite invasive treatment or surgery. If you are looking for a means of replacing a missing tooth or teeth, without undergoing complicated and invasive dental surgery, then a partial denture may just be the treatment that you are looking for.

The modern denture is designed to be far more natural looking, helping to blend in well with your remaining teeth. They are comfortable to wear, less prone to breakages and far more easy to maintain than dentures may traditionally have been.

Types or partial denture that we offer include:


An acrylic denture is the most cost effective type that we offer. It consists of a gum-coloured plate that is moulded to fit over your gum, with the teeth attached. The teeth are carefully made to cosmetically match with your existing teeth, helping the denture to look as natural as possible.

Cobalt chrome

The Cobalt chrome denture is designed to be strong, being formed around a slim metal frame work. The teeth are attached to a gum-coloured base, helping the denture to look as natural as possible. The metal frame work also helps to keep the denture plate in place, enabling the wearer to eat and drink with less worry.

Valplast flexible denture

This denture is constructed from a natural looking nylon based material, giving a thin, yet very strong and flexible denture. The thinness of the material helps to ensure a good fit, and the flexibility allows the denture to move naturally with your mouth.

Immediate partial denture

This is a temporary denture that can be used immediately after having a tooth removed. It is often used after an extraction, prior to receiving a permanent restoration treatment such as a dental implant or a bridge.

Caring for your new denture

Modern dentures are quite easy to maintain and to keep clean. Brushing will remove loose debris, and soaking in a denture cleaner will help to prevent staining. Your local dentist will be able to advise on the best type of cleaner to use, dependent on the type of denture you receive.

Please get in touch

If you have suffered the loss of a tooth or teeth, and you are considering a less invasive restoration treatment, then please contact the surgery on 020 7801 9060. One of our team of caring and dedicated practitioners will be only too happy to discuss the range of procedures that we offer, helping you to decide which of the various dentures is the most suitable for you.