Do Chipped Teeth Need Treating?

Minor damage may still require restoration – get it checked!

dentist examinationChipping a tooth isn’t that uncommon. It can happen in many ways; from a fall or collision to biting on something that was harder than expected, such as a small stone that has found its way into a loaf of stone ground bread.  Many of these chips are fairly minor whilst others may be a little larger and it can be tempting to leave the chip as it is. We would advise against this as we’ll see later in this blog.

Aside from the way that chipped teeth can affect your smile, there are other problems that can arise with even a tiny chip on the edge of your tooth.

Minor chips – problems and restorations

It could be argued that providing that the chip is ‘cosmetic’ and doesn’t expose the dentin layer beneath, it should be OK not to do anything about it. Whilst we understand this viewpoint, the Confidental Clinic team recommend that you still consider having the chip restored.

There are a few reasons for this. The most obvious one being that in nearly all cases, this will leave a sharp edge which can cut or graze the lips, gum or tongue. This could, in turn, lead to infections if you are unlucky. There is another issue though that any tooth that has been compromised in any way is likely to be weakened to some degree. For these reasons, we recommend that you consult our Clapham dentists about the problem for their experienced opinion.

The treatment required to restore the chipped tooth will depend on a number of factors, but given that we are discussing very small surface chips, it may well be that a simple cosmetic bonding would be sufficient to resolve the problem.

Larger chips of the teeth

Where a larger portion of the tooth has chipped away, the problems may run deeper. It may have exposed the dentin layer or left just a fine barrier between the outside of the tooth and the dentin. If this has happened, there are a number of potential problems. The most obvious of these is the increased risk of decay or further breakage of the tooth. If you don’t act on this problem, you may well regret it later as further damage occurs. You may also find that the tooth has become more sensitive than usual, causing potential problems when eating and drinking certain food and drinks.

Finally, there is the appearance of a visibly noticeable chipped tooth and the fact that a larger chip could cause not only scratches but could also cut the lip quite badly. Cosmetic bonding may not be sufficient to restore a tooth damaged to this extent and other solutions may be required.

Everything will depend on the outcome of an examination by our dentist but could include a filling, a veneer or a dental crown. All of these have their specific uses and the most appropriate one will be used to restore your damaged tooth in the most beneficial way.

With each of these treatments, the restoration will be designed to fit in with your natural teeth. Not only can teeth coloured fillings be used, but restorations such as crowns and veneers can also be produced in a shade to match your own smile. Our advice then is not to ignore even the smallest of chips but to make sure that you let a dentist take a look and offer their professional advice. It might save you not only significant discomfort but also prevent further damage from occurring to the tooth.

For chipped teeth or any other form of dental damage or problem, please call the Confidental Clinic in Clapham for an appointment on 020 7801 9060. Our team is on hand and waiting to take your call.