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The Ageing Effects Of Smoking

How smoking affects your facial features and your teeth, prematurely aging you. We have covered in a previous blog post, the dangers to oral health caused by smoking, with the increased risk of oral cancers and advanced gum disease. Although

Receding Gums – The Causes And The Risks

stages of gum disease

Helping our Clapham patients to maintain healthy gums. Gum recession not only detracts from an otherwise attractive smile, but can create other problems too. In today’s blog, we take a look at why some people’s gum recede, how to prevent

Partial Dentures – Non-invasive Teeth Replacement

Our Clapham dentist takes a look at this commonly used tooth replacement method. Here at Confidental Clinic in Clapham, when a patient loses a tooth, either because of decay or due to an accident, we will always advise that they

Lower Cost Dental Implants Abroad – Is It Worth the Risk?

Looking at the pros and cons of travelling overseas to have dental implants placed. If you are considering undergoing a dental implant procedure, then you may possibly have been tempted to travel abroad for your treatment. Maybe you’ve seeing adverts

Avoiding The Need For Emergency Dental Treatment This Christmas

A few tips from our Clapham Junction dentists to help keep your teeth healthy. With less than a week to go until the start of the Christmas holidays, all of us are, of course, hoping for a wonderful and trouble

Oral Cancer – Another Good Reason To Stop Smoking In The New Year

Our Clapham dentist advises why this is still a good New Year resolution to make. It is widely accepted that smoking is a major contributory factor in incidence of cancer, but, whilst most people would associate this fact with lung

Gum Disease – Stages and Terminologies

stages of gum disease

Our Clapham dental team explains gum disease in its various stages and terms. Gum disease is common, and most of our patients will suffer from it at some time or another during their life. The term ‘gum disease’ though is

No Excuse For Tooth Decay In Children

Recent figures show a huge number of hospital admissions for tooth extraction. A report recently stated that, since 2011, 128,000 children have had to have teeth removed due to tooth decay (1). Despite the wealth of information now available, it

Using Cosmetic Bonding and Gum Lifts To Improve Your Smile

A brief look at two lesser known treatments at our Clapham practice. Many of our dental blogs have been written about general oral health care, or ‘headline’ treatments such as dental implants or invisible braces. At the Confidental Clinic though,

Dental Hygienist For Our Clapham Patients

stages of gum disease

The role of our dental hygienist in the prevention and treatment of gum disease. We have mentioned a number of times previously, about how prevalent, and potentially damaging gum disease can be. It is also not always easy to spot.