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What Do Dental Implants Feel Like?

Our Clapham implant team looks at what patients can expect from this procedure. Although many people do still use dentures to replace lost teeth, an increasing number are opting instead to have dental implants placed. There are many good reasons

Dental Implants – More Affordable Than You May Think!

Dr Jignesh Patel

In the long term, dental implants offer very good value for money, says Clapham dentist Jignesh Patel. When a patient loses a tooth, there are a number of factors that they may consider when deciding on the best way to

Same Day Dental Implant Placement

full arch teeth replacement

This fast and (almost) permanent solution to missing teeth offers many benefits. First of all, we should probably clarify why we included ‘almost’ in the title of this blog post. Dental implants, when looked after correctly, have a very long

Replacing Missing Teeth At The Back Of The Mouth

Why you should replace lost teeth even if they’re not visible. Our back teeth come under a lot of pressure on a daily basis. Largely responsible for grinding and chewing our food, it is probably not surprising that damage to

The Pros And Cons Of Dental Implants

Showing a dental implant and crown

Things to consider when you need to replace missing teeth. When we lose a tooth or two, especially where it leaves a visible gap, we are almost certain to look at ways of replacing them. Whilst dentures and bridges are

Will Dental Implants Really Improve Your Quality Of Life?

Showing a dental implant and crown

Looking at why more and more people are turning to implants. Although not the cheapest method of replacing a missing tooth, or teeth; an increasing number of patients at our Clapham practice, as elsewhere, are turning to dental implants when

Play ‘Safe’ With Dental Implants

Why you shouldn’t consider an implant procedure abroad based on cost alone. There is no denying that dental implants are not a cheap option for replacing missing teeth. The materials used, and the extra skills and training that are required

Dental Implants – Frequently Asked Questions

Common questions asked by our Clapham patients. With access to the internet, it is quite possible to find out anything that you want about dental implants treatment. Sometimes though, the information might be difficult to understand due to technical terminology

Zygomatic Dental Implants For Complex Cases

Avoiding the need for bone grafts or sinus lifts prior to implant placement. Whilst most patients who opt for dental implants are able to have this procedure without the need for a bone graft or sinus lift, some patients, unfortunately,

Replacing Uncomfortable Dentures Using Implants

full arch teeth replacement

Same day dental implants as an alternative to dentures. We have all seen the comedy sketches or cartoons where a person sneezes and their set of dentures fly out across the room. In reality, of course, this extreme version never