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Straightening Crooked Teeth With Cosmetic Braces

Six Month Smiles

Crooked and uneven teeth can be a thing of the past with discreet modern orthodontics. Whilst the British have a reputation, largely in the US, for having crooked teeth, it doesn’t have to be this way, and an increasing number

Why choose The Inman Aligner?

Fast acting orthodontics in Clapham for great results Protruding or badly miss-aligned front teeth can often have a severe and detrimental effect on the sufferer’s levels of self-confidence, and ultimately their quality of life. Here at Confidental Clinic in Clapham

Get a Confident Straight Smile with the Confidental Clinic

confident straight smile with the confidental clinic

There is much more emphasis on having a beautifully straight smile these days and we have seen a huge increase in the number of adults seeking orthodontic treatment over the past few years. With the introduction of newer, more discreet

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Damon Braces For Faster Teeth Straightening

Damon braces in Clapham

A look at a lesser known orthodontic system now available at our Clapham dental practice. Having straighter teeth is high on many people’s ‘wish list’. Whilst teeth whitening is perhaps the most popular cosmetic dental procedure at the Confidental Clinic,

Six Month Smiles

smiling teens

Cosmetic dental braces offer patients an even smile, even faster! One factor that tends to deter some patients from having their teeth straightened is the length of time it can take. Understandably, it is important not to force teeth back

Incognito Dental Braces Available in Clapham

Incognito braces

A possible alternative to Invisalign? When dental braces are needed to correct teeth that have become crooked or uneven, increasingly people are turning away from traditional braces and embracing modern orthodontics such as Invisalign. Whilst Invisalign is still one of

10% off Invisalign Orthodontics

white teeth smile

Special summer offer from Confidental Clinic in Clapham. If you live in the Battersea or Clapham Junction area and have been thinking for some time that you might wish to improve the appearance of your teeth; well, now is the

Selecting the Right Orthodontics System

Damon braces in Clapham

When it comes to dental braces; one size does not fit all. Many of us might associate dental braces with the metallic ones that we are most familiar with from years past. Modern orthodontics though, now offer a wider choice

Fast Acting Orthodontics

Damon braces in Clapham

Straighter teeth in a shorter period of time with Damon braces. Having teeth straightened, these days, is not the ordeal that it once was. No longer is the only option available the old metallic (and highly visible) train track style

Straighter Teeth the Easy Way

Invisalign from £44 per month

Invisalign – A revolutionary way to straighten teeth effectively and discreetly. Our Clapham dentist takes a closer look. When we think of dental braces that are used to straighten teeth, we tend to think of the traditional metallic braces that