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Teeth Whitening Pens

What are they and do they work? According to a recent article, one of the best selling items in the health and beauty section of a certain well known online retailer is the teeth whitening pen. Retailing at under £20,

Illegal Teeth Whitening Treatments On The Rise

Investigation finds that potentially dangerous illegal treatments are up by 26%. eeth whitening is one of the most popular cosmetic dental procedures currently available. Its popularity boosted by reality TV programmes such as Love Island, it is also a potentially

Five Common Myths About Teeth Whitening

White teeth

Clapham dentist, Dr Nicola Ogilvie, explains the reality behind these misconceptions. One of the most popular cosmetic dental treatments at the Confidental Clinic is the teeth whitening procedure. There are many likely reasons for this, including immediacy of results and

Brighten Up Your Smile Ready For Spring!

nice white smile

Nicer looking teeth for the warmer months ahead. There is no doubt that having healthy teeth and gums is the most important thing as far as dentists and patients are concerned. Once this has been achieved though, and an ongoing

Unisex Teeth Whitening In Clapham

Good teeth on smiling people

Women and men are now seeking great looking teeth! Although much advertising for teeth whitening treatments is aimed at women, it is equally effective and beneficial for men too. Over the last few years we have noticed a steady increase

From Stained To Sparkling In Six Simple Steps

cosmetic enhanced smile

How a teeth whitening procedure in Clapham can dramatically improve your smile. Although historically, teeth whitening procedures were usually reserved for celebrities and those with larger budgets, it has now become a popular procedure for people from all walks of

Whiter Teeth For All!

Both men and women can benefit from a teeth whitening procedure at our Clapham practice. Whilst the majority of people who have a teeth whitening procedure at the Confidental Clinic are female, we are seeing an increasing number of men

Are There Side Effects To A Teeth Whitening Procedure?

Safe and effective cosmetic dental treatments at our Clapham practice. The teeth whitening procedure is one of the most well known and popular cosmetic dental procedures currently available. All of us will have seen the result of this treatment when

Restoring Whiteness To ‘Yellow’ Teeth

Our Clapham cosmetic dentists can bring back your youthful smile! Have you ever wondered why your teeth have become a shade of yellow as you get older? Some of this may be due to consumption of tooth staining foods and

Teeth Whitening – 3 Of Your Most Common Questions Answered


More people than ever are paying to have their teeth whitened, but does it hurt and is it safe? We asked the team at Confidental Clinic to provide answers to some of the most common questions that patients are asking

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