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Cracked Teeth – What Happens Next?

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Almost invisible cracks can appear in our teeth, causing discomfort and potentially further damage. Some cracks that appear in our teeth are visible, but this is not always the case. Although we might be tempted to ignore even the more

Alternatives To Large Dental Fillings

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Other options for large cavities available at our Clapham practice Dental fillings are one of the most common treatments that dentists carry out. They are an excellent way of restoring a tooth that has either broken or suffered from decay.

Treatments for a Weakened Tooth in Clapham

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When your bite feels less than confident, it’s time to act. Nothing beats having an attractive smile, with teeth that not only look great, but also feel strong and able to cope with whatever we eat. Sadly, that probably doesn’t

Benefits Offered By A Dental Bridge

Bridges are still a popular tooth replacement method at our Clapham practice. Here’s why…. Although looking after our teeth correctly greatly improves our chances of keeping them healthy and strong well into later life; as we become older, the challenges

Broken A Tooth? – What Are Your Options?

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Potential treatments to restore a damaged tooth at our Clapham practice. A tooth can break for any number of reasons. Weakened by decay or even where it has previously been treated, it can still come as something of a shock