Treating a Gummy Smile

When excess gum is a problem, our Clapham Junction cosmetic dentists can help.

Whilst it is far more common for patients to have gums that are receding due to gum disease, a small number of people do suffer from the opposite effect and whose gums come a longer way down their teeth than is the norm.

Whilst there is nothing medically wrong with this, it does leave the patient with what is often referred to as a gummy smile. For some people, this results in a lack of confidence and unfortunately gummy smiles have, at times, been portrayed on TV in a less than favourable light.

Thankfully, for those wishing to reduce the amount of visible gum, this can now be done with a relatively straightforward cosmetic procedure.

Health check

Before any treatment takes place, our Clapham based cosmetic dentist will examine your oral health, including a check on the general health of the gums. It is advisable to perform the procedure on healthy gums and any signs of gum disease will be treated before the procedure is carried out.


The procedure to correct a gummy smile is often called gum reshaping and is a reasonably straightforward aesthetic procedure. Performed using a local anaesthetic to relieve any discomfort that might be felt by the patient, a special laser is then used to remove the excess gum and to reshape it into a more natural looking appearance. Unlike older methods, where a surgical knife would have been used to remove the excess gum, the laser causes little or no bleeding as it cauterises the blood vessels whilst the work is being carried out.

Post reshaping

The use of local anaesthetic should ensure that you feel no discomfort during this procedure; however you may feel some soreness and sensitivity for a few days following it. In most cases, a few days using a simple painkiller will certainly help. In the unlikely event that you do experience any significant discomfort though, please call the Confidental Clinic as soon as possible.

Once the procedure has been completed and  a few days have passed, we are sure that you will be delighted at the results. It is also reasonable to expect an increase in personal confidence as you feel free to smile without the ‘gummy’ look. If you have a gummy smile or other dental problems that you would like to discuss with us, please call our Clapham Junction practice on 020 7801 9060 to arrange a consultation.