When You Might Consider A Smile Makeover

When You Might Consider A Smile Makeover

Dr Rohit Kumar looks at some of the common reasons why patients decide to have this treatment.

A smile makeover has long been popular amongst patients of the Confidental Clinic in Clapham, and with good reason. Having this treatment is a great way of giving your smile a real boost, often improving your confidence along with it.

When we have a toothache, it is obvious that we need to see a dentist, but what are the key factors which help patients decide that it is time to have a smile makeover? Dr Rohit Kumar takes a closer look below:

Unmovable staining

We know that if we drink tea or coffee regularly, our teeth may eventually stain. If we brush our teeth properly though, much of this can be removed and it does take quite a long time, especially if we attend the hygienist, for permanent staining to become a problem. But if you find that however well you brush your teeth, they still look discoloured, a smile makeover may be just the thing for you!

Tiny teeth

Some people may think that they have really small teeth. In the majority of these cases, it is likely not to be the teeth that are the problem, but overgrown gums. In some people, these grow further up the teeth than is normal producing what is sometimes referred to as a ‘gummy smile’. This can be corrected using a one off gum lift procedure to give you more natural looking teeth.

Gappy teeth

If you find that food becomes easily trapped between your teeth, it may simply be that they are not as straight and evenly spaced as they should be. This is a common problem, and one that can usually be corrected using one of our wide range of orthodontic treatments. These will not only provide you with a more attractive smile, but also reduce the risk of problems like decay and gum disease as the teeth are easier to keep clean.

Hiding your smile

Are you happy to laugh out loud in front of friends and colleagues, or do you tend to just give a ‘lippy smile’? If it is the latter, you may be subconsciously trying to hide your teeth because you think they are unattractive. There may be many reasons for this, and a thorough examination by a member of our Clapham cosmetic dental team will enable us to suggest a treatment plan for your needs.

Smile for your job

Work that is public facing will nearly always benefit from a great looking smile. Some of this type of work, such as a TV presenter, is fairly obvious; but even where you work in a shop, serving customers, you are likely to find that they respond better to a warm attractive smile. Of course, if you are training to be a dentist, a healthy smile is essential if you want to gain the confidence of your patients too!

As you may have gathered from the above. A smile makeover is not a single treatment, but a combination of them, depending on your needs. If you are not entirely happy with your smile, an initial consultation is suggested where we can examine your teeth and discuss the changes you would like to make. If you would like to talk to our cosmetic dentists about improving your smile, why not call us on 020 7801 9060. We look forward to helping you smile with confidence!

Dr Rohit Kumar has a particular interest in minimally invasive cosmetic dentistry (GDC 227519)