A Mini Makeover for Christmas

Why not treat yourself, or your loved one, to a mini makeover this festive season?

With Christmas and the New Year not far away now, many of us will be starting to think about the various parties and social occasions that we will attend, and, perhaps, even some potential New Year resolutions; many of which will probably be about self improvement.

Many of those living in the Clapham Junction and Battersea area will be looking for a little professional help with this, and, at the Confidental Clinic we feel confident that we have a solution to help you achieve your aims.

Mini makeover

Our Confidental Clinic Mini Makeover might be just the thing that you are looking for. Avoiding the longer treatment time procedures, such as dental implants, means that you can feel much happier about your appearance in just a few weeks. To perform a mini makeover, the first step is to arrange a consultation with us where we can discuss your hopes and expectations and arrange an appropriate treatment plan.

A bespoke cosmetic dental treatment plan of action can then be put into place, with each person’s plan differing according to their own specific needs. These treatments may include some, or all, of the following:

Teeth Whitening

This is by far the most common procedure that our Clapham Junction and Battersea patients have, as part of a mini makeover. It is a highly effective treatment that can be carried out in our dental studio, or in the comfort of your own home. Most patients will see a dramatic improvement in the whiteness of their teeth in no time at all.

Dental Veneers

For those with very badly stained teeth or those that have surface damage; dental veneers may offer a better solution than a tooth whitening procedure. Although it is a slightly more invasive treatment, the veneers offer a longer lasting solution and should last for around ten years.

Dental bonding

Bonding materials can be used effectively to close small gaps or even to change the shape of your teeth, leaving you with a more even smile. Please note though that more severe crooked teeth may need the use of orthodontics to straighten them correctly.

Gum Reshaping

Through the use of sophisticated laser equipment, we can help to even out your gum line or remove a gummy smile.

The above procedures will certainly help to give you a smile to be proud of in time for the festive season. For those interested in having younger looking skin too, don’t forget to check out the facial aesthetic treatments currently available at the Confidental Clinic.

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