Why Wait? Planning Your Smile For 2020

A full range of options to help you plan the best smilemakover possible.

New smiling facesAt the time of writing this blog, we are looking out of the window at a very grey sky and constant drizzle. The chances are that there will be many more days like this until we start to feel the warmth of the sun on our skin next Spring.

Although we may wind back a little over the Winter months, perhaps spending less time outdoors, this can be a useful time to take stock of the year that’s almost gone and to plan for the Spring and Summer ahead. Indeed, this is an ideal time to have a think about what you would like to change about your smile and appearance in general.

Whiter smiles

The first thing that usually pops into people’s minds is that they would like to have a whiter smile, including older people whose teeth darken naturally as they age. Our professionally guided ‘at home’ teeth whitening treatment only takes a few weeks to transform your teeth from a dull colour to a beautiful white smile, and for this reason, some of our Clapham patients will wait until Spring to have this done.

However, as this treatment can be repeated safely, some of you might want to consider having this done now, rather than wait. Not only will you then already have the trays for a repeat whitening next year, but you can also have a great looking smile for all those Christmas and New Year parties and events too!


Where it really pays to think about how your would like to change your smile is when you want to have straighter teeth. Crooked teeth can’t be straightened in a single procedure unfortunately. To do anything too drastic would damage the teeth and the surrounding bone tissue, probably resulting in loose teeth or even tooth loss. To correct the position of your teeth requires time and gentle orthodontic treatment.

There are a wide range of orthodontic treatments available at the Confidental Clinic, including Invisalign, Lingual Braces, Damon Braces and the Inman Aligner. Each of these performs different functions and it isn’t just a case of picking one off the shelf.

We sometimes see patients that have seen advertisements for Invisalign for example and they are impressed by the discreet appearance and the fact that they can be removed when eating. It is not surprising then, that people want this system as it offers convenience as well as being almost invisible.

There is no doubt that this is a fantastic method but it is not suitable for all circumstances. Invisalign is versatile but it’s not always the best or indeed fastest system to use for more minor corrections, e.g. for someone who just has a couple of teeth at the front that need straightening. There are orthodontic systems that are designed specifically for minor corrections such as this and can work much faster; the Inman Aligner being a case in point.

To make sure that you receive the most appropriate orthodontic treatment, you will need to arrange a consultation with our cosmetic dental team. In fact, we can help you to plan any changes that you wish to make, including to your skin with our range of facial aesthetic treatments. We have an experienced and helpful team on hand who can guide you through the various options to allow you to make the right choice for your own individual circumstances.

If you want to have a much improved smile for 2020, now is the time to start to plan and take any early action that is needed. If you would like advice from one of the cosmetic dental team at the Confidental Clinic in Clapham, please call us for a consultation on 020 7801 9060.