Seven Popular Cosmetic Dental Procedures For A Nicer Smile

Seven Popular Cosmetic Dental Procedures For A Nicer Smile

Creating a great looking smile for our Clapham patients!

Some cosmetic dental procedures require a certain level of commitment, either in time or in the undergoing of a fairly invasive procedure. However, in today’s blog, we thought that we would take a look at some of the treatments we offer at the Confidental Clinic, which are relatively swift or require minor intervention only.

Teeth whitening

This is one of the most popular cosmetic treatments for our Clapham patients and we offer a home teeth whitening solution which is both effective, comfortable and convenient. Your teeth can be up to eight shades whiter in just the space of a couple of weeks or so.

Cosmetic Bonding

Teeth that are attractive and white, apart from small chips or cracks can be restored using dental bonding. This is a resin, produced in a colour to match your own teeth which is applied, shaped and then hardened using a UV light. This is an entirely non invasive procedure.

Cosmetic dentures

Although we do believe that dental implants offer the best means to replace missing teeth, we also understand why some patients don’t want to undergo the necessary procedure. All is not lost though, and modern cosmetic dentures offer a natural and secure alternative and often require no dental surgery.

Gum lift

Sometimes, it is not our teeth, but our gums that causes our smile to be not as it should be. Patients who have excessive gum can have this removed using the laser treatment available at our Clapham dentists surgery. Whilst this does require minor gum surgery, this is done using an accurate laser system which cauterises the wound as it operates. There may be a little soreness following the procedure, but this should recede after a few days.

Inman Aligner

If your teeth are a little crooked, it may not mean that you have to wear braces for a long period of time. Some orthodontic systems, such as the Inman Aligner, can straighten your teeth in as little as eight weeks. We will, of course, need to examine your teeth to see if this is an appropriate treatment for you, but if it is, you can look forward to straight and even teeth in a relatively short period of time.

White Fillings

If you have visible amalgam fillings, why not ask us about the white fillings that we offer our patients? These are made in a shade that match your natural tooth, making your fillings almost invisible.

Facial treatments

Finally, don’t underestimate the difference that having smooth skin with reduced wrinkles can make. With just a tiny injection, we can administer Botox or dermal fillers and help to remove those lines and fill out thinning lips in a safe and effective manner.

Of course, most patients will need only one or two of the above treatments and we recommend that you arrange to have an initial cosmetic consultation at the Confidental Clinic so that we can put a treatment plan into place and start you on your journey to the perfect smile!

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