Taking Care Of Your Dentures

Taking Care Of Your Dentures

How to get the best from this popular tooth replacement system.

You may have noticed that we discuss dental implants as a means of replacing missing teeth quite frequently here on our Confidental Clinic blog. There are many good reasons for doing this and a quick read of any of these articles will show all of the advantages to be had from this type of treatment – please click here for an example.

It is only fair though, that we acknowledge that not everybody will choose to have implants due to the need for a surgical procedure, along with other reasons, and many people do still opt to have traditional dentures as their treatment of choice.

Dentures are perhaps, a compromise between functionality, comfort and a non invasive way of replacing missing teeth. If you do have them though, it is important that you take care to look after them well. With this in mind, today we offer a care guide for all of our Clapham based denture wearers.

General guidance

Before we move on to specifics such as cleaning, it is perhaps worth a reminder that although dentures are artificial, as far as you are concerned, they are going to be your teeth. As such, by taking the time and care to look after them, they will serve you much better, and provide a better experience than if you neglect to do so.

Clean after eating

Although your dentures won’t decay, food that becomes trapped in them will do so, and in the process will emit gasses that can cause them to give off an odour. In addition to this risk of smelly breath is an increased chance of gum disease. Cleaning your dentures after a meal where possible, will also keep them looking nicer for longer.

Handle them carefully

Because dentures have to be removed to be cleaned efficiently, there is a risk that you might drop them, causing them to break or become damaged. It can be all too easy to become casual about this so we recommend getting into the habit of putting a towel underneath whenever you clean them, to prevent any damage should they be dropped accidentally.

Clean your mouth

When you remove your dentures for cleaning, make sure to also clean the other soft tissues of your mouth with a soft bristled brush. This will help to remove not only residual food deposits but also any remnants of denture adhesive that may remain in the mouth.

Clean them daily

Try to get into, and maintain, the habit of cleaning your dentures every day. The longer you leave them between cleans, the more unpleasant they will feel and their appearance will also deteriorate faster. Please talk to your Clapham dentists about the best way to do this.

Soak them at night

Although brushing your dentures is important, you should always soak them overnight in order to keep them really clean. Use a reputable denture cleaning product and make sure to read the instructions carefully.

Don’t ignore any natural teeth

This should go without saying, but if you have partial dentures, you shouldn’t neglect any remaining natural teeth. Not only can poor care lead to decay, but to gum disease too. Where this is left to advance, it can affect the bone in your jaw. As this deteriorates, the shape of your jaw may change causing your dentures to fit less securely and comfortably.

See your dentist

Even if all of your teeth are artificial. You still need to see your dentist regularly. It is important that we monitor your overall oral health as well as any natural teeth. Gum diseases are increasingly being linked with other general health problems and oral cancer checks are also very important.

Check your denture’s fit

If you feel that your dentures lack security or don’t feel as comfortable as they used to do, please make an appointment at the Confidental Clinic to have them checked. Dentures occasionally need to be adjusted or even replaced. You may also wish to discuss the option of having your dentures stabilised with dental implants to keep them secure and stable in your mouth going forwards.

If you are missing a number of teeth or are due to have some extracted, it is worth looking at all of the options available to replace them, and choose the one that is most suitable. Online research can be useful, but nothing beats the personal advice of a professional. Only by examining your mouth and discussing your needs and desires can we provide the best advice for you to make an informed choice.

You don’t have to live with a gap in your teeth. Bridges, dentures and dental implants are all options that are available to you. To discuss these options with us, and their suitability for you personally, please arrange to have a consultation with one of the dentists at the Confidental Clinic by calling us on 020 7801 9060.