Dentures – Still a Popular Solution For Missing Teeth

Why dentures are still one of the most common tooth replacement methods.

Whilst we are firm believers that dental implants are currently the best option for replacing a missing tooth, the reality is that not everybody follows that particular route.

Whilst most of our Clapham patients would accept that  dental implants are the strongest and easiest to use solution, for some, the cost, or simply the invasive nature of the procedure, deters them from having them placed.

Although we do offer help for nervous dental patients at the Confidental Clinic, the fact is that the use of modern partial dentures does offer a means of having a replacement tooth without the need for invasive procedures.

Modern dentures

The good news for potential denture wearers is that modern dentures are more comfortable and natural looking than their predecessors. Whilst they may not offer the strength and stability of a dental implant, they do offer an acceptable compromise without the need for dental surgery. Most modern dentures are made from acrylic and these are the most commonly used. The replacement tooth is made in a shade to match that of your natural teeth to create a realistic looking smile. Small metal clasps are also used which attach to adjacent teeth to help to improve stability.

Especially where more than one adjoining tooth needs to be replaced, patients of the Confidental Clinic might wish to consider the flexible Valplast dentures that we have available at our Clapham practice. These offer a heightened degree of comfort and will flex with the mouth, making them feel more natural than traditional dentures.

Denture care

Even though your dentures are entirely artificial, you will still need to take care of them. You will need to thoroughly clean them on a daily basis and full instructions on the best way to do this will be supplied by us. You must also make sure that you clean your gums in order to prevent gum disease. We also highly recommend that you visit the hygienist at our practice to ensure the optimum health for your mouth.

If you are missing a tooth and are considering one of the options to replace it, why not discuss this with one of the friendly dentists at our Clapham surgery? We will discuss the options and what we consider to be the best solution available. You can also be confident that you will not be pressured into a solution that you are not happy with.

To arrange an appointment to discuss your options, please call the Confidental Clinic in Clapham on 020 7801 9060.