Making The Most Of Modern Dentures From Confidental Clapham

Some useful tips to make your dentures as comfortable as possible.

Although many people are increasingly turning to modern methods of tooth replacement, such as dental implants, the fact is that a great many people do still wear dentures, whether full or partial.

Dentures have a bit of a mixed reputation, and, whilst some people are perfectly happy with theirs, others find them to be uncomfortable and/or inconvenient.

Our Clapham dentists, below, offer some useful advice for denture wearers about how to get the maximum benefit from them.

Modern dentures

If you have had your dentures for a long period of time, there is a realistic chance that there are now better and more comfortable dentures available. Advances in dentistry now means that some are made from more comfortable materials, and some even flex with the mouth for an even greater degree of comfort.

Make sure they fit

Once teeth have been lost, the bone in that area thins and causes changes to the shape of the face. This can mean that dentures may no longer fit as well as they used to do. If you find that your dentures are moving around or are causing you discomfort, please speak to your Confidental Clinic dentist about it.

Keep them clean

Apart from any hygiene issues, making sure that you clean your dentures, as instructed, is very important. Dentures provide an additional place for harmful bacteria to thrive. Cleaning them regularly will help to prevent an excess of these bacteria which can cause bad breath and sore gums, especially painful if you are wearing dentures. Make sure to brush your gums lightly too to ward off gum disease.

Consider stabilisation

As unstable dentures are a well known issue for many people, it is worth considering having dental implants placed in order to stabilise them. Whilst this will mean an invasive dental procedure, it will also mean, once completed, that you need never worry about the food that you are eating and whether it will cause your dentures to move around.

Dental implants

Finally, there is little doubt that dental implants do offer a better experience than dentures. A lot of people misunderstand this procedure, and may especially fear the surgery itself. It really is not as bad as you might fear, and we would recommend that you at least discuss this option with your local Clapham dentist. You will not be put under any pressure to have this procedure, and, if you still decide that dentures are your preference, we can discuss the range of comfortable modern dentures that we provide at the Confidental Clinic.

For more information about either dentures or dental implants, please call us on 020 7801 9060.