Looking For An Emergency Dentist in Clapham?

Confidental Clinic are here to help you with same day care.

Whilst most patients generally keep up with their regular examinations and occasional treatments, unfortunately this does not prevent accidental damage which unexpectedly affects their teeth. This may take the shape of a sports injury or even something more serious such as a car accident. On a more mundane level though, damage is often caused by biting into something unexpectedly hard, causing the tooth to break.

As many of us know, this can be a painful experience, to say nothing of the inconvenience caused if we are unable to get the problem rectified quickly. To this end, our reception team will always endeavour to find an appointment on the same day for patients who have urgent dental needs.

Act fast

The key to getting a same day appointment at the Confidental Clinic is to call us as soon as you possibly can after the accident. The later in the day a call is made, the less likely it is that we will be able to fit you in that day. We will, however, offer advice to make you as comfortable as possible until your appointment, should we not be able to see you that day. This is not the only reason to act quickly though. A tooth that has been broken or badly damaged, may suffer further deterioration if it is not restored quickly. In its weakened state, further damage is likely and may result in the tooth being beyond repair and at risk of extraction.

Restorative care

Whilst there may be cases that require specialist dental treatment, most emergency dental problems can be resolved using common dental procedures such as fillings or dental crowns. Procedures are carried out using a local anaesthetic which will also temporarily relieve any pain caused by the accident. These restorative treatments will normally be sufficient to repair damage; but in some cases, the appearance of the tooth may be adversely affected and in this case, we can also offer cosmetic dentistry options to return the tooth to a natural appearance and mask any damage.

It is important to note that, if your dental emergency has been caused by an accident where head trauma was involved, your first port of call should be to the accident and emergency department of your nearest hospital, to rule out any head injuries. Once clear, a visit to our Clapham dental practice should be made.

White fillings

As many accidents result in a filling being needed, it is worth noting that we can provide tooth coloured fillings that match the shade of your natural teeth. This gives them a more aesthetically pleasing appearance. This treatment, however, is only available privately and not on the NHS. In cases of a dental emergency, or for a fast appointment, please call Confidental Clapham for fast dental care, on 020 7801 9060.