More Men Choosing Facial Aesthetics Treatments

More Men Choosing Facial Aesthetics Treatments

Botox and dermal fillers are increasingly popular with men as well as women.

An article in the Guardian newspaper (1) has claimed that an increasing number of men are looking to improve their appearance through the use of facial aesthetic treatments. At the Confidental Clinic in Clapham, we have certainly noticed more men coming to us recently for these services, than in previous years.

This may be partially due the the rise of ‘metrosexual man’ or simply because more men are now aware of these procedures, and the stigma that may once have been attached to these treatments for men, has now been broken down.

Where to go

Perhaps the last place that the layman might think to go to have these treatments is a dentist. However, they are widely available at many cosmetic dental practices and we now offer facial aesthetics at our Clapham practice too. As you would expect, we haven’t just decided to perform these procedures without full training. Any cosmetic dentist giving botox or dermal filler injections will have received full and extensive training, and, in a sterile environment too; so you can be assured of your safety.

Available treatments

At the Confidental Clinic, we offer two treatments that are ideal for ironing out the wrinkles on the face and for plumping up areas, such as the lips, where collagen has been lost over the years.


Botox is perhaps the best known facial aesthetics treatment, and one that, in the hands of a fully trained practitioner, is both safe and effective. The Botox is injected, using a fine needle, just under the skin in the areas where it is needed. It works by relaxing the muscles, and, over the next week or so, you can expect to see less and less wrinkles on your face.

Dermal fillers

Dermal fillers are most often used to plump up lips that appear thinner due to lost collagen. The filler replaces this and enables the patient to have fuller and more attractive lips once more. The results of this procedure are more or less instant.


In both cases, these treatments are applied via a very fine needle into the relevant areas. Whilst this is not really too painful, it can leave a little light bruising in the immediate areas. If this is an issue for you, we advise that you perhaps allow a couple of recovery days before returning to work or socialising. As stated before, our facial aesthetics team are fully qualified to perform these procedures. We are aware, however, that, over the years, there have been a number of ‘scare stories’ over Botox (usually when performed by unskilled people) and we are more than happy to discuss any aspect of this treatment with you to enable you to make an informed choice.

If you would like to talk to one of our Clapham dentists about our facial aesthetic treatments, please call us on 020 7801 9060.