Benefits Of Professional Teeth Cleaning

A visit to the hygienist – much more than nicer looking teeth!

A comment that we sometimes hear from patients who have visited our hygienist for the first time is how much nicer their teeth look and feel. It may even be possible that some of these patients are happy to see the hygienist for this reason alone.

Whilst having your teeth professionally cleaned can certainly improve their appearance a little, and also make them feel smoother when you run your tongue along them, this is really a small bonus to the real work of a dental hygienist.

Thorough examination

The first thing that our dental hygienist will do, on your arrival, is to discuss any general health issues and record any changes in medication etc. Some medications may make people more prone to dental issues and we need to be aware of these, so please do keep us informed, should there be any changes. Following this, your mouth will be examined for any possible indications of both oral cancers and signs of gum disease. The depth of any gum recession and bone loss will also be recorded to see if there has been any further deterioration since your last visit.

At this stage, improvements in the way that you care for your teeth may be suggested, such as how you brush your teeth and whether you floss effectively.

Teeth scaling

One of the best known roles of the hygienist is in the scaling and cleaning of teeth. Whilst this can improve their appearance and make them feel nicer, its main role is in the prevention of gum disease. Whilst brushing and flossing helps to remove the bacteria that can cause gum disease, pockets of the bacteria can build up in more inaccessible areas that can only be effectively removed by a professional hygienist. This procedure is rarely uncomfortable and simply involves the removal of hardened plaque from the teeth and gum line.

A whiter smile

Whilst a professional clean can result in cleaner looking teeth; patients of the Confidental Clinic in Clapham are fortunate in that our hygienist, Lauren Bennett, is also able to offer teeth whitening for her patients. Once she has restored your mouth to good health, you may wish to consider having this popular cosmetic dental procedure to give you an even better and whiter smile!

To arrange an appointment with the hygienist at our Clapham practice, please call the Confidental Clinic on 020 7801 9060.