Dental Implants – Frequently Asked Questions

Common questions asked by our Clapham patients.

With access to the internet, it is quite possible to find out anything that you want about dental implants treatment. Sometimes though, the information might be difficult to understand due to technical terminology and there is also a risk too that the source you are using may not be entirely reliable.

With this in mind, we offer answers below to some questions that we have heard a number of times from patients of the Confidental Clinic in Clapham, in the hope that it will help patients feel better informed about this innovative tooth replacement procedure.

What are dental implants?

The actual implant is a screw like piece of equipment that is made from titanium. This is placed into the jawbone of the patient and is then allowed to fuse with the bone. This process, known as osseointegration, usually takes around 3 months. Once it is securely fused with the bone, a dental crown is attached by means of an abutment (a collar), which completes the replacement tooth.

Is the procedure painful?

Understandably, due to the implant being placed into the bone, some patients do worry about this aspect of the procedure. There is no need to though. Using modern x-rays and scanning equipment, the implant is placed carefully so as to avoid major nerve systems. Naturally, the procedure is carried out using a local anaesthetic and you should feel no more discomfort than you would expect with any other detailed dental procedure.

Are they strong?

Yes, dental implants are very strong, and in many cases, may prove to be stronger than your natural teeth. The bonding process is key to this, and, once fully integrated, you will be able to eat anything that you wish without worrying whether your implants will loosen.

Is it an expensive procedure?

Because of the skills and training required to place an implant, and because of the cost of the materials involved, dental implants are not the cheapest method of replacing teeth. However, we do offer dental finance plans to help patients to spread the cost of treatment. It is worth mentioning also, that with good care, dental implants can last for a minimum of twenty years, and it is not uncommon for them to last for more than thirty. This makes them very good value for money over the longer term.

Do they require special cleaning and aftercare?

No, a good oral health regimen of brushing, flossing and dental hygienist visits should be all that it takes to keep both your teeth and dental implants clean. It is important that you do look after your implant though as it can be threatened by diseases such as periodontitis and peri-implantitis. These should not be problems if you clean your teeth and gums well and follow our after-care advice.

Where do I sign up?

Your first step is to arrange an initial, no obligation, consultation with one of our dental implant team. You can do so by calling the Confidental Clinic in Clapham on 020 7801 9060. We look forward to meeting you!