Spread The Cost of Your Dental Implant Placement

Making the ‘gold standard’ for tooth replacement more affordable for our Clapham dental patients.

At the Confidental Clinic, we appreciate that some of our patients may not have instant access to money to pay for sophisticated dental procedures. This should not mean, however, that they should be denied the opportunity to receive the best solution available for their dental problems.

Whilst we do offer NHS dental care at our Clapham dental practice, this only covers essential dental work and does not cover cosmetic dental procedures, except in very rare circumstances.

Unfortunately, due to the materials used, some procedure, such as dental implants, can appear quite expensive at first glance.

Why dental implants

Ultimately, professional dental consensus is that dental implants are the best option for replacing lost teeth. Not only do they offer a strength and durability that other options, such as dentures or a bridge can’t, but they also help to preserve bone structure in the jaw, and, once placed and, given good dental care, they should last for a minimum of twenty years .. often very many more. Denying patients the option to have dental implants due to cost would not be fair, and, whilst we keep prices as low as we can, the reality is that dental implants do not come cheap, largely due to the expensive, but necessary, titanium metal used in their production.

Dental plans

What we can do, at our Clapham dental practice, is offer dental finance plans to help you to spread the cost of your payments. These plans offer zero, or very low, interest rates, meaning that you pay little, or no, extra for the benefit of being able to pay affordable amounts over a period of time.

A dental implant, including the crown, for example, can currently be had for just over fifty pounds a month. Whilst this is still not cheap, it is an affordable way of paying for a replacement for your lost tooth that will allow you to eat and speak normally. A healthy dental implant can, in effect, be forgotten about once it has become established. All you need to do is to treat and clean it like a natural tooth, not forgetting, of course, to floss around it to prevent gum disease.

If you are considering having cosmetic dental treatment to improve your smile, whether it be dental implants, invisible orthodontics or any other treatment, we are happy to discuss an appropriate dental plan with you to help you pay for the treatment in affordable amounts.

To find out more about dental implants and other cosmetic dental treatments, please call Confidental Clinic, your friendly dentists in Clapham on 020 7801 9060.