Dental Implants in Just One Day?

Looking at the All on 4 procedure to replace a missing arch of teeth.

Anyone who has read about dental implants will be aware that there is a period of time, from the placing of the implants to the fitting of the crowns, where the implants have to be left to fully integrate with the bone in the jaw.

Although it may feel inconvenient, this period is crucial to ensure strong and long lasting dental implants.

There is, however, another dental implant procedure available at our Clapham Junction dental practice which offers missing teeth to be replaced on the same day. The procedure is called ‘All on 4’.

Multiple missing teeth

This procedure is not suitable for where an individual tooth or two has been lost, but is an excellent option where a large number of teeth need replacing. By placing a number of implants, usually four but sometimes five, into the jawbone at strategic places, a bridge can be attached to these to hold it firmly in place. The ‘secret’ of this procedure is the use of specially designed implants which are used at the rear of the mouth and which are placed at an angle into the jawbone, making it instantly more secure.

Who for?

This procedure is an excellent replacement option for patients of the Confidental Clinic in Clapham who currently wear full dentures and can be used on either the upper or lower jaw. Whilst a fixed bridge is used in most cases; for those who wish to retain dentures but are dissatisfied by their stability, a very similar procedure can be used to hold their dentures in place in a similar manner.

Whilst the bridge is fixed and therefore cleaned in the regular manner, stabilised dentures can be easily detached for cleaning outside of the mouth.


The most obvious advantage of the All on 4 procedure is stability. With this method, patients need no longer be concerned about dentures becoming loose and causing embarrassment. Eating too becomes easier than with dentures, with less concern about chewing foods that are tricky.

Gum disease

Although the bridges (or dentures) are artificial and therefore will not decay; it is essential that the the gums should be kept clean to avoid gum disease. If this occurs and is left untreated, the bone will start to deteriorate and the implants themselves become threatened. The implant dentists at Confidental Clinic will advise you of the best way to care for your new implants and bridge during your consultation.

If you have uncomfortable dentures and are interested in having this procedure, please call our Clapham Junction dental practice on 020 7801 9060.