All about modern dental implants

The “gold standard” way to replace missing teeth.

The most common questions in the mind of patients are, what are dental implants and why would I choose them?

Dental implantology is technique used to replace missing tooth. Our natural tooth consists of the visible part which is the crown and its root, which extends into the jawbone in order to support the crown. Implants are surgical components inserted into the jawbone to support a dental prosthesis and the basis on which dental implants work is known as “osseointegration”.


This is defined as the formation of a relation between an implant and bone. Bone cells will fuse themselves directly with the titanium surface, locking the implant into the jaw bone. Implant’s unique characteristics and features play a role in modulating molecular and cellular behavior. This is indeed a dynamic process and here at Confidental Clinic we use the worldwide best known implant system! Our team has over 20 years of experience and many successful cases.

The implant purposes is to replace a missing tooth or even a full arch.

Individual Tooth:-

In this method an implant made of titanium is placed into the jawbone; once integrating into the bone a crown is placed on it which acts as a natural tooth.

To be clear, mankind hasn’t yet created something to be as good as our natural tooth, hence your natural teeth will always feel slightly better than implants, however individual implants come impressively close to them.

Implant supported bridge:-

In this method, a group of missing teeth is replaced with the help of implants and more than one titanium frame is place as convenient. It is effective and it reduces cost when more than one tooth is to be replaced.

Implant supports dentures:-  

In this method, the procedure up to the placing of titanium implant is similar as with the individual tooth method, the only difference being the prosthesis, as the denture is removable making it convenient for patients to take it out, as needed.


The method is safe, widely used and know perhaps the best known method for replacing a missing tooth. If you consider dental implants could be a viable option for you, please contact us to schedule a free of charge consultation with our implant dentists at Confidental Clinic in Clapham.


The implanted tooth can be cleaned with the similar tooth brush as your natural teeth and a powered irrigator can also used for cleaning. The surface of crown may discolour after 10 year on average but most of the time their colour remains intact for 15-20 years. The lifespan of a dental implant is 20 years on average.

Dental implants are widely used and cost effective. If you choose to have a great smile, dental implants are probably the best option available today.