Comfortable and Convenient Teeth Straightening

With free teeth whitening included in the price at our Clapham Junction and Battersea dental practice.

Did you know that you no longer have to use conventional dental braces in order to straighten your teeth? If you didn’t, you will be pleased to hear that things have moved on a great deal since the days of metallic braces, and, you can now have orthodontics which are almost invisible, at the Confidental Clinic.

Invisalign orthodontics are now one of the most popular teeth straightening braces available and are excellent at correcting uneven teeth. Unlike traditional braces though, they do not use any wiring to move the teeth. Instead, they consist of custom made transparent ‘trays’ which are produced from scans so that they fit perfectly over your teeth.

Each tray works by moving your teeth a little, before being replaced with the next in the series which continues the re-positioning a little more. This process continues until your teeth have achieved their desired state of evenness.


There are many advantages to Invisalign. One of the most obvious, from a patient’s point of view, is that they are made from a transparent medical grade plastic and are therefore very difficult to detect when being worn. This has led to more people having orthodontic treatment as the fear of having to wear dental braces almost disappears. This is not the only advantage though, even if it is the most obvious one. Patients of the Confidental Clinic that have had their Invisalign orthodontics fitted for a period of time, report how comfortable they feel. Because each set of orthodontics is designed for each individual patient, maximum comfort is assured.

Another advantage of these popular adult braces is that they are designed to be removed during mealtimes and also when teeth are being cleaned. This means that not only is the potential social embarrassment that traditional braces can cause avoided, but also that they are more hygienic. A major problem with traditional braces is that pieces of food can easily become trapped in the wiring, and, unless completely removed, will attract the bacteria that create acids and lead to eventual dental decay.

With Invisalign, this is not a problem, although thorough brushing and flossing is recommended before returning the trays to the mouth, after cleaning, to ensure good ongoing oral health.

Any disadvantages?

There is one factor where Invisalign doesn’t quite match up to other orthodontics and this is in the time that they take to work. Invisalign can take slightly longer than other braces to work,  but most of our patients from the Battersea and Clapham area are happy to accept this, given the other advantages offered. Invisalign braces are available from the Confidental Clinic from only £44 per month (terms and conditions apply). This not only includes the orthodontics themselves, but also the retainer and a free teeth whitening procedure once your treatment period has ended. This will help you to feel confident to smile again and show the world your fantastic white and even teeth.

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