Improving your Smile with our Mini Makeover

Improving your Smile with our Mini Makeover

A few simple treatments may be all that is needed to give you a great smile.

Modern cosmetic dentistry, these days, can work wonders and really change, not only the functionality, but also the appearance of a patient’s teeth and smile.

Those with missing teeth can have them replaced with dental implants and any crooked smiles can be corrected through the use of adult orthodontics.

At the Confidental Clinic, we have performed these procedures for many patients from Clapham Junction and Battersea, but have also noted that, in many cases, patients already have teeth which are in fairly good shape, albeit with, perhaps, a few minor flaws. With this in mind, we created the Mini Makeover.

What is a mini makeover?

Essentially, a mini makeover is a combination of cosmetic dental treatments, much in the way that a smile makeover is. Unlike a full smile makeover though, a mini makeover aims to correct minor flaws only. These procedures are generally less invasive than those used in a full makeover.

A mini makeover can consist of one, or a number of the following procedures, depending on the patient’s needs:

Teeth whitening

Whether you choose to have the treatment done at our Clapham Junction dental practice, or in the comfort of your own home, this teeth whitening treatment can certainly make a great difference to the whiteness of your smile.

Improvements of eight shades and over should be seen, leaving you with a great white smile.


Where teeth are badly discoloured, dental veneers are a good option. By removing the discoloured or damaged front surface of the enamel, we can then replace them with porcelain veneers in a much whiter shade.


Crowns can be used when a tooth has suffered bad decay or damage. Not only will it make the tooth much stronger but will do so in a way that is more aesthetically appealing than a large filling, for example.


Bonding offers a quick and painless solution to filling in minor chips in the teeth. It is a simple procedure that requires no local anaesthetic.


For some people, it is not so much their teeth that are attractive, but their gums. By using laser technology, we can remove and reshape excess gums, eliminating what is sometimes referred to as a ‘gummy smile’.

If you are more or less happy with your teeth and gums and live in the Battersea and Clapham Junction area but would like to see further improvements to your smile, please call the Confidental Clinic on 020 7801 9060 to discuss our mini makeover options today.