Special Offer – One Day Only

£500 savings on dental implants and smile makeovers, up to £1300 on Invisalign!

At the Confidental Clinic in Clapham, we are offering all patients the opportunity to take advantage of our special offer, available on March 12th 2016 only. We are offering £500 off dental implants and smile makeovers and up to £1300 off Invisalign braces, with a free consultation to make the offer even more tempting.

These cosmetic dental procedures can really transform your smile, and, with this offer, can do so at a reduced price! Remember that spaces for this wonderful offer are limited, so, if you are interested in taking advantage of it, please call us promptly to avoid disappointment.

Not just savings

There is more to this offer than just saving money. Many of our Clapham dental patients have benefitted from these popular cosmetic procedures over the years, and have reported the difference it has made to their lives and their confidence in particular. Below, we take a very brief look at the benefits of the treatments available in our offer.

Dental Implants – Whether placed individually, or as part of a process to replace a full arch of teeth, dental implants are considered to be the ‘gold standard’ when it comes to replacing missing teeth. Whilst some other methods, such as dentures, offer aesthetic benefits and a degree of usability, nothing can beat implants both for appearance, strength and security.

With dental implants, you need never worry about being selective in the foods that you choose to eat.

Invisalign – These modern invisible braces offer an excellent method of straightening crooked or uneven teeth. Unlike many other orthodontic systems, they don’t use wires or brackets, but, instead, a series of medical grade plastic trays which fit over the teeth, gradually easing them towards their desired position. As well as being very discreet, they are also comfortable and convenient, being designed for ease of removal when eating or when cleaning your teeth.

In addition to this excellent offer for our Clapham patients, we are also including free home whitening treatment so that you can get the very best from your new even smile.

Smile makeover – A smile makeover is, in effect, a customised treatment plan to give each individual patient the smile that they wish for.

This is not usually done using just a single procedure, but consists of a combination of cosmetic dental treatments. These may include not only common ones such as teeth whitening, but also crowns, bridges and veneers. The free consultation what we are offering at the Confidental Clinic, will allow you to discover what we can do to achieve your new smile, and how we can do it.

Remember, spaces are limited, so, to make sure of your place on our special offer day, please call our Clapham dental practice today on 020 7801 9060.