Get a Confident Straight Smile with the Confidental Clinic

Get a Confident Straight Smile with the Confidental Clinic

There is much more emphasis on having a beautifully straight smile these days and we have seen a huge increase in the number of adults seeking orthodontic treatment over the past few years. With the introduction of newer, more discreet and more cosmetically oriented braces, orthodontics is definitely no longer just for children and teenagers.

The Benefits Could be More Than Just Cosmetic

While most people seek treatment for cosmetic purposes, orthodontics can help you have to have a healthier smile. This might be the case if your teeth are significantly out of position and if you find it difficult to brush and floss. Once your teeth are straightened, it should be easier to keep them clean, potentially lowering your risk of tooth decay and gum disease. Poor occlusion (the way your teeth bite together) can lead to teeth wearing down unevenly, increasing the risk of fractures and chips in your teeth, and it can also place stress on your jaw joints, called your temporomandibular joints.

There are many different braces that can be used to help straighten teeth, including fixed and removable options. There is also a lot of information to take in which is why we have compiled a list of some of the most popular questions asked by our patients here at Confidental Clinic.

How Long Does Treatment Take?

The time needed to complete treatment can vary quite a bit, depending on the problems requiring correction. It could take just a few months for you to benefit from a straighter smile, or you might need to spend a bit longer wearing braces. Problems affecting only your front teeth can often be treated with cosmetically oriented braces. These are designed only to correct the position of teeth visible when smiling and they will not treat any substantial problems with your bite. A cosmetic brace can also be suitable for people who have had an ‘orthodontic relapse,’ where they may have had orthodontic treatment as a child but have seen their teeth drift out of position over the years. People with more significant bite problems may take a year or so to complete orthodontic treatment. This might seem like a long while to wear braces, but modern options are often extremely discreet and easy to use, having a minimal effect on everyday life.

How Much Does it Cost?

The cost of orthodontic treatment varies according to the length of treatment and the type of brace chosen. Short-term or cosmetically oriented braces are particularly affordable, costing from just £1,500. More complex or specialised treatment designed to correct substantial orthodontic problems is more expensive, but it can be a worthwhile investment in your dental health. It can also be a cheaper long-term option for creating a more perfect and beautiful smile, compared to veneers that will eventually need renewing.

What are My Options?

Here at Confidental, we work with a number of different braces systems, so whatever your needs, we will be able to help you. Options include fixed and removable braces, as well as a range of cosmetic braces. The systems we work with include Invisalign, Six Month Smiles, FastBraces, Damon Braces, Incognito, the Inman Aligner and Smile Align and Simpli5.

Can I Have Clear Braces?

We do offer clear braces, including removable clear plastic aligners, as well as fixed braces using clear brackets attached to virtually invisible wires. Clear removable aligners are immensely popular as they are very easy to use and have very little impact on everyday life. However fixed braces are also very discreet and can sometimes be more suitable for correcting certain more complex problems. They can also be a great option for anyone who may forget to wear their removable aligners, as forgetting to use your brace can affect the outcome of treatment.

Do You Offer Lingual Braces?

Yes we do! Incognito braces are fixed onto the lingual or inner surfaces of your teeth so they cannot be seen. Incognito is a fixed brace that delivers great results and the brackets are custom-made to comfortably fit onto your tooth surfaces. This does mean they can feel more streamlined than standard brace brackets.

Will My Teeth Shift Position after Treatment is Completed?

Once you have finished wearing your braces and your teeth are nicely straightened, you will need to wear retainers. Your retainers will prevent your teeth from shifting position, maintaining your newly straightened smile. In some circumstances you might need to wear your retainers virtually all the time, while other retainers are designed just to be worn a short period each day. Some retainers are removable and can look very much like clear plastic aligners, while others consist of a thin wire that is permanently bonded onto the inner or lingual surfaces of your teeth, preventing tooth movement. We can discuss which retainer will be best for you during your consultation. It all depends on the system used to straighten your teeth and your individual needs.

Can My Teeth Be Recontoured Afterwards?

Yes, if necessary and orthodontics is often used in conjunction with cosmetic dental treatments, providing a more conservative treatment option. Once your teeth are straightened you may wish to change the overall shape or size of one or more of your teeth using dental bonding and recontouring or veneers.

Which Method is Quickest?

Some teeth straightening options such as Simpli 5 and the Inman Aligner, as well as some Invisalign systems will take only a few weeks or months to reposition teeth. These systems are cosmetically oriented and only concentrate on correcting minor problems with the positon of your front teeth rather than more extensive problems with your bite. We can chat to you about these systems and will advise you if we think they are suitable for your needs.

How Often Do I Need to Be Seen?

We will not need to see you very often, normally every six weeks or so depending on your particular brace. These appointments are generally quite quick.

Can I Pay in Installments?

We do have a couple of different finance plans that are typically interest-free for repayments over 12 months, with low finance payments available for longer periods of time. Try our online calculator to work out your repayments.

If you are interested in orthodontic treatment, why not book a consultation? We can take a look at your teeth before recommending options we think will work particularly well for you, and of course we can answer any other questions you may have.

As well as Confidental here in Clapham, there are other Confidental clinics in Surbiton and Purley.

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