Straighter Teeth the Easy Way

Straighter Teeth the Easy Way

Invisalign – A revolutionary way to straighten teeth effectively and discreetly. Our Clapham dentist takes a closer look.

When we think of dental braces that are used to straighten teeth, we tend to think of the traditional metallic braces that have been the bane of many a teenager throughout the years.

This has probably deterred many people from having their teeth straightened and has left them, later on in life, with unattractive crooked teeth.

The option to have your teeth straightened though, does not end as a teenager and there are now a number of adult orthodontics available to our Clapham dental patients. These modern orthodontics are designed, not only to do the job efficiently, but to do so in a manner that is discreet.

One of the most popular of these latest adult orthodontics is Invisalign.


Unlike the vast majority of orthodontics, old and new, Invisalign uses an entirely different method altogether to straighten the patient’s teeth.

Instead of using a system with wires and brackets, Invisalign uses a series of transparent medical grade plastic trays that fit directly over the patient’s teeth. These trays are made following impressions being taken of your teeth at our Clapham clinic. The impressions are then sent to a laboratory, where the trays are made.

Each tray produced is designed to move the teeth a little and is worn for around 2 weeks. Once this time has passed, they are removed and the next tray fitted which moves the teeth a little more. This process continues until the teeth are in the desired position.


As well as being an effective method for repositioning crooked teeth, Invisalign offer an almost invisible method too. Unless mentioned, it is likely that most people will not even notice that you are wearing them.

If you still feel a little conscious of them at certain times, such as a job interview, they can easily be removed. This should be done rarely though as the more they are removed, the longer the process will take.

This ease of removal also means that the trays can be removed when eating. This not only makes eating more enjoyable but means that food will not get trapped in the braces; a potential cause of tooth decay and halitosis.

Although the process of straightening the teeth can take over a year, depending on the severity, Invisalign offers patients of the Confidental clinic in Clapham, the opportunity to have a great looking set of teeth without the inconvenience of traditional dental braces.

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