Fast Acting Orthodontics

Fast Acting Orthodontics

Straighter teeth in a shorter period of time with Damon braces.

Having teeth straightened, these days, is not the ordeal that it once was.

No longer is the only option available the old metallic (and highly visible) train track style braces. Instead, a wide range of discreet adult orthodontics are now available at your local cosmetic dentist.

Whilst, perhaps, Invisalign is the most popular of this new breed of orthodontics, others too are available and which offer benefits of their own.

One that we particularly like at our Clapham dental practice are Damon braces.

Damon braces

Damon braces offer a faster acting alternative than many other orthodontics that are currently available. Not only that, but they are also friction free and offer a greater level of comfort than many other dental braces.

Due to the absence of metal ties, any irritation of the soft tissues in the mouth is greatly reduced. This absence also reduces the likelihood of plaque and other bacteria which could otherwise accumulate on them and could potentially lead to gingivitis.

Their smaller size too means that cleaning the teeth is much simpler than with many other orthodontics, with the obvious exception of Invisalign, of course.

Why not Invisalign?

You may have noticed that we have compared the Damon braces with Invisalign braces a number of times, so why not simply have Invisalign instead?

There is no doubt that Invisalign offer a great way to straighten teeth. One disadvantage that they do have though is that they are not as fast acting. For many people, their convenience and almost invisibility is a suitable trade off for the extra months that they can take.

For those wanting the treatment period completed quicker though, the Damon braces fitted at the Confidental Clinic, offer a great alternative.


Whilst Damon braces are not ‘invisible’, they are certainly more discreet than standard braces and its brackets are made using a ceramic material that is designed to match the wearer’s teeth. This helps, not only from an aesthetic point of view, but also helps the wearer to feel more confident whilst wearing them.

It should be noted though that different problems may need different solutions and, therefore, the advice and guidance of a professional cosmetic dentist is invaluable.

To ensure that you have the correct orthodontics for your own individual needs, please contact our Clapham dentist to arrange an appointment on 020 7801 9060.